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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles traffic problems are a known danger for those in cars, trucks, and SUVs, but the risks for those who travel the city and county by bicycle can’t be overstated. L.A. riders suffer frightening accidents every day and there’s often a careless driver to blame.

After you’ve been sent into a dangerous crash by a vehicle, don’t accept that the costs of recovery are your responsibility. Contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer with experience in securing support for injured cyclists by holding insurance companies responsible for their drivers’ mistakes. You need to be focused on healing and getting back on a bicycle and not worried about the cost of your care.

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Hazards

Los Angeles is a place where everything is happening. The problem is that getting to where it’s happening can be a frightening journey. Traveling in a car or on foot and risking crosswalks is treacherous enough.

Cyclists face added risk because when they can’t find bike paths, they must brave a ride alongside vehicle traffic. People on bicycles have as much right to the lanes as any driver, but unfortunately, L.A. motorists can be ignorant of the fact or simply not take the time to observe the law.

It’s this carelessness and recklessness that injures hundreds of Los Angeles bicyclists each year.  In citywide 2020 accident numbers provided by the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), Los Angeles saw 1,330 vehicle collisions involving a bicyclist. Those accidents left somewhere around 1,300 cyclists to deal with injuries and tragically claimed the lives of 10 people.

Free Bicycle Accident Consultation

Healing and getting back on your feet again is the most important task at hand after your bicycle accident. Once injuries have been stabilized, financial recovery must also be a focus. Unfortunately, insurance companies for at-fault drivers don’t always make it easy for injured victims to secure the financial support they need.

You are entitled to a free legal consultation concerning what happened to you. During this confidential informational session, you’ll learn about benefits available to you that an insurance company was never going to mention.

Even if you don’t end up needing the assistance of an attorney, it’s still a good idea to explore all of the options available to you and your family after a frightening bicycle accident. Contact us before speaking with any insurance representative to find out how much your case is worth.

Common Injuries in L.A. Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists risk the most extreme injuries of anyone using the roads. They often travel side by side with giant SUVs and Trucks and generally have zero protection in an impact.  They can endure a strike from a vehicle and then absorb a hard collision on the ground.

The consequences are often devastating for victims. The costs of medical care immediately after an accident and in the months that follow can overwhelm a cyclist who should be exempt from these bills. This is why demanding fair financial restitution from insurance companies is so important. If they aren’t forced to pay what’s only fair, you can end up responsible for those expenses.

These are just some of the injuries that send bicyclists to emergency rooms around Los Angeles:

  • Brain Injuries – Taking a blow to the head, with a helmet or without, can have short and long-term effects on victims. Victims can battle amnesia, experience heartbeat irregularities, and deal with deep depression and other changes in mood.
  • Loss of Limbs – A permanent disability can result when limbs and digits are badly injured and require amputation.
  • Road rash – The skin also enjoys little protection as riders travel. “Road rash” can lead to severe infections and may require a skin graft to heal.
  • Facial and Dental Injury – Cyclists can leave their bikes and be sent face-first to the ground. Up to 14 bones in the face are at risk of fracturing. The mouth and teeth could also take damage. A permanent disfigurement can result if a scar is left behind.
  • Paralysis – Paraplegia is a loss of function in the lower half of the body and quadriplegia is a loss of function in both the upper and lower regions. These conditions can result from brain and spine damage and cause a physical disability.
  • Broken Bones – A cyclist’s arms, chest, neck, and shoulders are all vulnerable in any crash.

Help for Bicyclists Struck by a Hit-And-Run Driver

California drivers have a reputation for showing little care to others using the lanes and more and more Los Angeles drivers are choosing to leave the scene of accidents. They become hit-and-run drivers by leaving bicycle accident victims behind and attempting to avoid the consequences of their actions.

TIMS tracking showed that in 2020, 334 collisions involving a bicyclist in L.A. also involved a hit-and-run violation. These heartbreaking choices can leave a rider on the ground and waiting on help. After they receive medical care, cyclists can then be concerned with how they’ll pay for the high cost of recovery for an accident that wasn’t their fault.

It is possible for cyclists to secure insurance support after a hit-and-run accident even if the guilty party is never found. Bicyclists who carry car insurance or are covered by a family member’s policy can seek help. The policy’s uninsured motorists coverage would be called upon to help with hospital bills and replace lost earnings while the victim misses work.

If there is good news and a hit-and-run driver is arrested, victims can immediately file a claim for damages with the at-fault driver’s car insurance representative. Civil claims can move forward even as drivers face criminal proceedings over their hit-and-run violations. They would be separate cases. This allows victims to seek the compensation they may desperately need without having to wait on the criminal justice system.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Victims Across Los Angeles

A scary bicycle accident can force you to endure a great deal of pain and leave you feeling incredibly vulnerable. Don’t face the physical and financial challenges that will follow alone. You weren’t to blame for your injury and you shouldn’t face financial bankruptcy simply to rebuild your life.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, advocates for the protection of bicyclists and their support after they’ve been injured by a careless driver. Contact Mr. Gasparian for a free, no-obligation case evaluation for cyclists and their families. If you decide to allow us to represent you we won’t accept any payment until we’ve won your case.

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