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Los Angeles Cycling Accidents On Ventura Boulevard

Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles gets a lot of publicity as a great place to cruise and for its great restaurants and unique stores. The popular route is even home to a few great bike shops. Unfortunately, all that attention on one famous strip can be bad news for local cyclists.

Riders trying to get some exercise, or make a run to work or school, can find a steady stream of drivers who don’t pay attention to the lanes.

Cyclists in Los Angeles have just as much right to the lanes on Ventura Boulevard as anyone, but they won’t always be extended the full attention or care from reckless drivers. When Ventura Boulevard bicycle collisions occur, it’s absolutely vital that riders get full injury support during recovery until they can get back on their bikes again.

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After a serious bicycle accident hurts you or a loved one, speak with an experienced Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer before talking to any insurance representative. Insurance adjusters aren’t required to alert you to every benefit available to you and your family.

Contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer with experience in securing support for injured cyclists to find out what your injury is really worth. Maison Law is a strong advocate for ride safety for all cyclists. We are also proud sponsors of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. We strive to see injured cyclists get the support they need to recover and return to their bikes.

If you determine we can help you earn more in your injury claim, you won’t need any money upfront. Our attorneys don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

Common Injuries in Ventura Boulevard Bicycle Accidents

The support of our injured cyclists in Los Angeles is critical as they work through recovery. The range of injuries they may suffer in a strike from a car, an impact with the pavement, and then perhaps getting hit by other vehicles is tragic and frightening.

It’s an unbelievable risk to the rider, helmet or not. These risks are largely due to careless drivers not respecting the laws allowing cyclists to use the lanes.

When motorists don’t observe the “duty of care” they owe every cyclist these are just a few of the injuries that are possible:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury – A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause a mild concussion or something more critical like seizures, amnesia, and a loss of the brain’s ability to control the body.
  • Broken Bones – Cyclists often extend their hands and arms to catch themselves in a fall. This can cause multiple fractures. Legs, knees, and ankles also commonly suffer fractures. Breastbones, collarbones, and ribs are also vulnerable to painful breaks and this can leave the organs they protect at risk.
  • Amputation – Amputation can occur in the force of the impact, or after having a limb crushed under a tire. Surgical amputation is often the only option once a patient is in the emergency room.
  • Paralysis – A spine or brain injury could cause the loss of the ability to move, a portion, or all of the body. This can include paraplegia and quadriplegia.
  • Facial and Dental Injury – A cyclist being sent over the handlebars, and short of stopping a collision with the hands and arms, the face could take a major blow. This can lead to broken noses, jawbones, and cheekbones. Teeth can be chipped or cracked or knocked out.
  • Road Rash – Hard road surfaces are brutal on bare skin. Friction can cause serious damage and may lead to infections and skin grafts could be necessary.

What to Do After a Ventura Boulevard Bicycle Accident

These devastating injuries and more make it all the more necessary for at-fault drivers and their insurance providers to accept responsibility. The rider will need full support to be able to afford the best medical care and to survive financially while they miss work as they heal.

The best way to get the most out of a Ventura Boulevard bicycle accident injury claim is to provide an insurance company with as much evidence as possible showing what really happened. Insurance companies often attempt to defend their policyholders so they can limit what they pay bicycle accident settlements.

The best proof of their fault and responsibility will be found on the accident scene. If you are feeling strong enough after a crash, try to collect these details:

  • Tend to your injuries first. Call 911. Let EMTs check out every pain. Go to the hospital if necessary. Tell police officers everything you can remember about how your accident unfolded. They’ll create a collision report that serves as evidence for your case.
  • Get pictures with your cellphone. Show the damage to your bike and any vehicle damage such as broken windshields or dents in a hood. Take pictures of any visible injuries, including road rash, and damage to your clothing. Show traffic signs, lane markings, and any bike paths. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to take photos for you.
  • Discuss what happened with witnesses. Find out what they saw and get phone numbers and addresses so your Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer can reach them for testimony.
  • Avoid making statements about who was at fault or how badly you are hurt to the driver. You may feel okay and say you’re uninjured only to find out you have a hairline fracture the next day. If you say you’re “fine” on the scene or later on the phone, insurance companies will try to twist this comment and use it as proof that you are faking an injury.
  • Note if there might be security cameras on houses or businesses around the scene. Tell your bike accident attorney about any potential footage so access can be requested.
  • Don’t dispose of your bike or your damaged clothing and shoes. It will all serve as powerful evidence of your collision.
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician. Get all injuries documented. Do everything your doctor recommends. Save all medical invoices.

Contact a Ventura Boulevard Cycling Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member are struck by a careless driver while on a bike, please discuss your options for injury support with a skilled Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney. Insurance adjusters representing drivers aren’t legally required to inform you of your rights as a victim.

Contact Maison Law of Los Angeles for a free, no-obligation consultation. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your bicycle accident injury is worth and what you should be holding an insurance company to. We are happy to help you decide on your best path to earning support as you work towards getting back on your bike.

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