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Martin Gasparian, Esq.

Our founding partner, Martin Gasparian, Esq., started Maison Law after working at the oldest law firm in Los Angeles. Today, Maison Law provides skilled, experienced, and personalized legal guidance to the voiceless and the injured in the Central Valley.

We represent people, not corporations. Our clients are our priority, and we work with the best experts in the field to help win our cases.


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You deserve to receive strong representation and fair compensation for your injuries. With experience at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country, founding partner Martin Gasparian, Esq. offers each client the experience of a large firm and the personalized attention to detail of a small business. We understand the tricks and games that big insurance companies like to play and we know how to stop them. We perform thorough investigations into your accident and injuries in order to work towards an ideal settlement or trial verdict.



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Our team has worked on virtually every type of personal injury case, so we have the skill to back your case.


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Wrongful Death

$3.75 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

We were able to secure a $3.75 million settlement in prelitigation on a wrongful death matter where the family did not want to be involved in a long, drawn out case.

Slip and Fall


Slip and Fall Settlement

Prior to filing a lawsuit, the restaurant was denying responsibility for our client's injuries. After filing suit, we were able to obtain $185,000 for her knee injury.

Traffic Collision


Traffic Collision Settlement

The insurer had placed our client at fault for the accident. We were able to obtain $100,000, the maximum available under the other driver's insurance policy.

What Is Personal Injury In California?

Personal Injury Laws in California allow you to hold someone financially liable for an accident that causes you harm. That person or group must have had a duty to keep you safe and neglected that duty in order for you to hold them legally responsible for your recovery.

Personal injury law is applied to cases where a victim gets hurt by someone’s carelessness or recklessness.  These cases include traffic accidents, slip-and-falls in stores, medical malpractice, dog bites, workplace accidents, and many other types of mishaps caused by negligence.

Drivers owe it to the motorists and pedestrians around them to behave in a manner that keeps everyone safe. Business owners are required to clean up or fix hazards that might hurt a customer or client. When they are negligent in this “duty of care,” they can face a personal injury claim or lawsuit and be asked for financial support.

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When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Generally, whenever an accident involves more than a very minor injury, it would be wise to go over your case with a skilled California Personal Injury Attorney. In cases where the blame for an accident is disputed, it’s also critical to have a legal professional at your side to defend your rights.

When you suffer a serious injury, medical bills are sure to cause an instant leap in the recovery costs you’ll encounter. Those injuries can also cause you to miss even more time on the job and lose out on wages.

These rising costs and losses all trigger insurance companies for at-fault parties to become defensive. Insurance adjusters start looking for ways to limit the amount of compensation you receive to save their companies money. They might try to unfairly blame you for an accident you didn’t cause. They could also offer you far less than what you need to pay your recovery costs now and those costs that arise in the future.

Your California personal injury lawyer collects evidence and testimony to build a strong case for you. A powerful case leaves you much less vulnerable to these insurance tactics and prevents you from having to pay the costs of an accident out of your own pocket.

When you don’t know if you can benefit from a personal injury lawyer’s help, there’s a risk-free way to find out. Contact a highly-regarded California personal injury lawyer to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation.

How to select a California personal injury lawyer?

Selecting an attorney to represent your personal injury case should have you concerned with case experience and past successes. However, it’s also important to find a lawyer who is a good match for your personality.

When it’s time to interview personal injury lawyers, take advantage of their offers of a free consultation. Find out what they think of your case and ask them how they would proceed. Note how well each lawyer listens to you and your family.

Your potential lawyer should be easy to talk with and understand. You may spend a lot of time with your lawyer, so find one who stays positive and makes you feel comfortable. Don’t consider lawyers who only seem to add to your stress levels.

Contact Maison Law today to learn more about your legal options. With a free, confidential case evaluation, we will be happy to answer your questions and determine the best course of action for your case.

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