The ATV Accident in California

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ATV Accident

California is known for its outdoor adventures. Our beautiful mountains provide recreation, with fishing in the lakes, skiing and hunting. The ocean welcomes you to the coastline, inviting you to surf, swim and explore its depths, with deep sea excursions. Huge expanses of dirt and sand comprise the deserts of California, where people take their […]

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How To Navigate a Taxi Accident Claim

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Taxi Accident Claim

Taxi drivers make their livelihoods behind the wheel. No matter if you are injured while a passenger or if you were hit by a taxi, be aware of this: Because they will want to preserve their livelihood, it is likely you will end up with a big fight on your hands. You can still make […]

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The Function of the California Victim Compensation Board

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California Victim Compensation Board

While originally first formed in 1965 under the Department of Social Welfare, the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) wasn’t officially named that until 2016. Previously, it was called the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB). They regulated the California Victim Compensation Program, the Revenue Recovery Program and the Government Claims Program. As their responsibilities […]

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Hit-and-Run Accidents in California

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hit-and-run accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are defined as when a driver leaves the scene of an accident without identifying himself/herself to the other driver or police. It does not matter if you were at fault or not. If you leave without giving your information, it’s a hit-and-run. Some examples of a hit and run include leaving the scene […]

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Prescription Drugs and Driving

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Prescription Drugs, Driving

You know the law when it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, but you may not be as familiar with “drugged driving” laws. The term “driving under the influence” is actually a legal term that refers to ingestion of anything that could affect the nervous system, muscles or brain in such a […]

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Handling a Limo Accident

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Limo Accident

You made all of the plans and set up the whole experience, including a limo ride. You were expecting a fun time out without having to worry about transportation and accidents, but accidents do happen, even if you weren’t at the wheel. Limousine companies are classified as “common carriers,” which means they are held to […]

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Tractors and Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss

Studies conducted by the United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health have shown that workplaces with farm tractor operators have a high risk of hearing impairment. On average, the risk jumped to 37.9 percent for users of medium-power tractors and 13 percent for high-power tractors. For most farmers, the hearing loss is […]

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Pulmonary Disease and Farm Workers

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Pulmonary Disease

Working in agriculture creates conditions ripe to cause higher rates of pulmonary disease in farm workers. Lung issues, including asthma and lung cancer, are possibilities. Higher-than-usual amounts of dusts, vapors and fumes are contributing factors. Additionally, particles associated with livestock, grains and pesticides create conditions that deteriorate the lungs. These types of dust particles have […]

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Driving Under the Influence: Blood Tests

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Driving Under the Influence

If your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or more in California, you are considered to be driving under the influence. If you fail a breathalyzer test or a field sobriety test, there’s a good chance you’ll be submitting to blood tests. These tests are conducted to measure how much alcohol is in your […]

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State Highway System: Accessibility for Bicycles

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Accessibility for Bicycles

The Central Valley of California, which includes Madera, Fresno, Kings, and Kern counties, have state highways that lead to scenic and popular regions. Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park are accessible through the state highway system. Currently, there is no accessibility for bicycles or pedestrians. That’s why Assembly Bill No […]

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