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Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents On Figueroa Street

Figueroa Street extends around 30 miles mostly north/south in Los Angeles. It travels from the Wilmington neighborhood, through downtown, and all the way up towards Glendale. It’s one of the longest streets in Los Angeles and it carries plenty of motorists each day. Figueroa Street is also home to some of the longest stretches of protected bike lanes in all of Los Angeles.

Unprotected bike lanes also line parts of the street, including about a mile of new lanes added to North Figueroa Street in 2022 in the Cypress Park community. These safer options benefit Los Angeles cyclists, but they offer far from complete protection from the rush of car, SUV, and truck traffic.

Too many cyclists are the victims of frightening accidents caused by careless drivers. They may suffer serious injuries and be off their bikes for months. And on top of that, they may face fierce resistance from an insurance company over who should pay for recovery costs.

Contact a Figueroa Street Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Learn About Your Options

Maison Law of Los Angeles offers a free case consultation to all bicycle accident victims. It’s a necessary step to find out how much your injury may be worth and what you should be demanding from an at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Maison Law is a strong advocate for ride safety for all cyclists. We are also proud sponsors of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. We strive to see injured cyclists get the support they need to recover and get back to riding as soon as possible.

Figueroa Street Bicycle Accident Dangers

StreetsblogLA reports that a stretch of Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles is home to 2.6 miles of protected bike lanes. These lanes are separated from traffic mostly by parking spaces and plastic pylons. They are welcome sights, but for the majority of Figueroa’s north/south run, bicyclists must either share the lanes with reckless drivers or depend on narrow bike lanes. These lanes are usually squeezed between moving vehicles and parked cars.

Car occupants can park and carelessly swing a door open in front of a rider going full speed. Drivers often veer over into a bike lane to make a right turn and run cyclists from the road. Motorists making left turns often look long enough to see that oncoming cars have passed only to pull out in front of the rider they didn’t take time to look for.

These and other dangerous actions by drivers leave hundreds of local riders with major injuries each year. Victims can see enormous medical bills arrive in the mailbox and be without the paychecks to make payments while they miss valuable work time. It’s why Los Angeles cyclists must never sign off on a bicycle accident insurance settlement that doesn’t cover all recovery expenses now and those that will pop up in the months ahead.

For a better understanding of the incredible toll bicycle accidents take on the Los Angeles community, check out our recent examination of 2021 L.A. bicycle accident statistics.

What to Do on the Scene of Your Figueroa Street Bicycle Collision

After a serious bicycle accident on Figueroa Street, getting the most out of your injury settlement will be key. You don’t want to sign off on injury compensation that only covers a night in the hospital, only to have to pay for months of physical rehabilitation yourself.

You want to make sure every cost of recovery is covered and that includes support for the best medical care available so you can return to the road.

First, make sure you collect as much evidence as possible on your bicycle accident scene. Take pictures of the damage to your bike and to the vehicle involved. Show broken glass and skid marks on the road. Find out how your Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney can reach witnesses later for testimony. Don’t throw out your damaged bike and clothing. If the at-fault driver works for a delivery company or rideshare, be sure to take photos of company signs on the vehicle.

If you aren’t well enough to collect evidence on the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to assist you.

What Kind of Compensation Is Available to Figueroa Street Cycling Accident Victims?

Another key to earning the most from your injury claim is to make sure an insurance company knows about every hardship you’ve been through.

This list of damages is included in the claim you submit to the car insurance company. Anything left off the list won’t be compensated and can end up as a bill you have to cover.

Your Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer will ensure that your list includes these factors and more:

  • Current hospital bills and the costs of any care expected to be necessary for the future.
  • Estimated totals for care associated with permanent disfigurement or permanent disability.
  • Wrongful death benefits. A family that’s lost a loved one in a cycling accident must seek support to avoid a financial crisis. A claim asks for help with funeral and medical costs. It also seeks to replace the monthly income the deceased would have provided the family in the years to come.
  • Pain and suffering. These are the non-economic damages you and your family suffer. Included is the emotional trauma that leaves you with depression and anxiety after a scary crash. The loss of enjoyment of life, while you are off your bike, should also factor into any settlement check.
  • Past and future lost earnings and benefits while a rider is unable to work.
  • Repairs to bicycle or replacement.

Contact a Los Angeles Figueroa Street Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle collision victims and their families have up to two years to file an accident claim. However, it’s critical to bring your case to a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more difficult it gets to track down evidence and locate witnesses.

Contact Maison Law of Los Angeles for a free, no-obligation consultation. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your bicycle accident injury is worth and what you should be holding an insurance company to. Don’t depend on an insurance adjuster to tell you about your rights and every benefit available to you and your family.

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