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Bicycle Accidents On Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles Street is a major city thoroughfare taking visitors and locals north through the Fashion District, Little Tokyo, and ending at Union Station. There are some busy stretches of Los Angeles Street that can prove very unsafe for cyclists. Yet, there are also some parts where bike paths are protected and where new cycling safety technology is at work.

Even with some safety measures, Los Angeles riders are always at the mercy of careless motorists that fill up narrow lanes each day. Bicyclists can be thrown from their bikes and end up in a hospital bed wondering about who can be held responsible for a serious injury.

After a scary collision, it’s a good time to call a skilled Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer to talk over your options in a free consultation. It’s a no-risk opportunity to determine how to earn full support to pay for recovery.

Los Angeles Street Bicycle Accident Dangers

On Los Angeles Street’s northern end, cyclists enjoy protected bike lanes for at least a half-mile between Alameda Street and First Street. These handy bike paths are separated from the rush of traffic by traffic- cones and medians for much of the way.

The L.A. DOT also placed the city’s first bicycle traffic lights along this corridor to provide easier turns at intersections for riders. Bus islands were also first experimented with here. These barriers help reduce clashes between cyclists and pedestrians entering and exiting city buses. These and other safety features in the city are documented by StreetsBlog LA.

The downtown innovations are nice, but they don’t extend very far, and cyclists traveling south on Los Angeles Street don’t have the benefit of any bike lane at all. Cyclists have a right to the lane in these sections, but motorists who are ignorant of the law, or careless, can run cyclists off the road or turn directly in front of them. “Dooring” accidents are also a risk as occupants in parked cars open doors without checking for riders coming down the right side of the lane.

This is only a small list of the hazards Los Angeles Street bicyclists confront on a regular basis. When drivers don’t take the time to monitor for riders and end up causing devastating collisions, their insurance providers often try to blame the cyclist. Talking to a Los Angeles Street Bicycle Accident Lawyer is the best way to ensure you aren’t robbed of the compensation you need to pay for the best medical care available.

What To Do After a Bike Accident on Los Angeles Street

After a bike accident come critical moments that can make or break the claim you’ll be filing against the at-fault driver later. If you are physically able, you should strive to collect as much evidence as possible that shows what really happened.

These are some of the important pieces of evidence you should be able to secure on the scene of a Los Angeles Street cycling accident:

  • Call 911 even if you think your injury is minor. That bicycle injury may hurt a lot more in the hours to come. Let EMTs examine every pain you have and go to the hospital if necessary. The LAPD will need to know everything you remember leading up to the crash so they can submit an accurate collision report.
  • Use your phone’s camera to capture photos. Document bike damage and car damage. Show broken windshields, busted mirrors, and dents in the car’s body. Show street signs and bike lane markings that relate to what happened. Get pics of any injuries that are visible and any damage to clothing. If you are wearing a helmet make sure your photos show that.
  • Get witness contact information and ask them what they saw.
  • Exchange information with the driver involved but don’t discuss what happened. Insurance companies use statements you make about who was at fault or how badly you are hurt to damage your claim later.
  • Schedule a medical check-up with your physician. Follow the doctor’s orders. Keep all bills for your care.
  • Keep any damaged personal items, including your bicycle. Preserve all evidence.

What to Expect in Injury Compensation After a Los Angeles Bike Collision

The compensation you receive will depend on several factors that your Los Angeles Street Bicycle Accident Attorney will help you organize in an insurance claim. You’ll file a claim that asks for financial support for all current medical bills and any bills expected in the future. You should be able to seek the best medical care available without having to worry about the cost.

Your claim will also ask for full compensation for the paychecks you’ve missed and the benefits you’ve forfeited while out of work. The physical pain you suffer and the emotional trauma you endure should also earn you and your family compensation. This can include a loss of enjoyment of life if you’re off your bike for an extended period or if you may have to give up cycling altogether.

The concerns for your future must be a priority when living with a long-term traumatic injury. A car insurance company may want you to sign off on a bicycle injury settlement that only covers the costs of a night in the emergency room. This offer may ignore the months of physical therapy and additional surgeries that lie ahead.

Earning support for a long recovery or, perhaps, for a lifetime of living with a physical disability. These are not uncommon when considering the types of injuries typically suffered in Los Angeles bicycle accidents:

  • Brain Injury – Cyclists wear helmets to prevent the worst of brain trauma. A blow to the head on a car door or on the pavement often causes Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). These injuries can lead to amnesia, seizures, and severe concussions.
  • Fractured Bones – Broken bones in the chest are common. Ribs, breastbones, and collarbones are often damaged. Fractured arms are also frequent for cyclists when they throw their hands out to try to cushion a fall.
  • Loss of Limbs – Arms, legs, and fingers are sometimes so badly broken that a surgical amputation is necessary. Bones can also be crushed beyond repair when a victim falls under a vehicle.
  • Road Rash – Deep abrasions when a cyclist is thrown across the pavement. These wounds can develop severe infections.
  • Facial and Dental Injury – Cyclists’ faces often take the brunt of an impact. Delicate facial bones and jawbones can fracture and tooth damage may occur. A permanent disfigurement could be the result and would figure into settlement amounts.

Contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a serious bicycle accident along Los Angeles Street, talk over your case with a skilled Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer in a free consultation. It’s a critical step in determining what you’ll need to rebuild your life and get back on your bike again.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, is a strong advocate for ride safety for all cyclists. We are also proud sponsors of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Maison Law works hard to make sure injured cyclists have what they need to heal and get back on their bikes again.

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