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Madera Personal Injury Lawyer

Madera’s Personal Injury Lawyer

People living in Madera work hard all week long, and sometimes all weekend long. They deserve to be able to experience life and raise families in a safe environment.

The biggest safety concerns can be from the things we do most every day. Drive to work, perform our jobs, shop, or grab a meal. All of these destinations should be reasonably secure, but when people start to get careless on the roads and in their duty to their employees and visitors the chances for accidents rises.

If you find yourself the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another driver, or an employer, or a store proprietor, you should talk to a Madera personal injury lawyer. Martin Gasparian founded Maison Law to protect the people of Central Valley. If someone injures you through their carelessness or recklessness, it should never be up to you to pay for your recovery. Those at-fault should be providing everything you need to heal.

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Common Personal Injury Cases In Madera

The biggest employers in Madera County tell you all you need to know about the hard-working people who have settled in the area. Packing houses for the fruits and vegetables of Central Valley can run day and night. Lumber moves in and out of Georgia-Pacific all season long. The wine industry is also a major draw to the area.

There’s a lot of opportunity in Madera County, but all that motion can lead to real hazards across the city. An injury can occur at just about any location and on any street in Madera. Employees, drivers, shoppers, and pedestrians can find themselves injured and in need of true support.

Here’s a partial list of the types of injury victims we can help:

There are other ways people can become injured around Madera and Maison Law can help victims with all types of cases. Family members involved in local sports can end up hurt and there may be an underlying safety issue that leaves organizers liable. A family member can also be hurt by a product you purchase and bring into your home. Product liability cases are common because manufacturers often sell items that haven’t been properly tested.

Madera’s Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many ways you or a family member could be hurt around Madera and, of course, their physical recovery will be the most important task. Victims hurt through no fault of their own should be allowed to heal using the best medical care available without having to worry about the costs involved.

The financial burden should fall to the insurance companies representing those at fault. To make sure insurance companies are reminded of this duty to victims, contact a Maison Law personal injury lawyer in Madera. They want to hear what happened to you and will then help you determine the best path to getting your life and your family’s life back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be sued if I’m hurt on a construction site in Madera?

The property owners can be held responsible for your injuries. The company you work for, other contractors, and developers could also be part of a lawsuit. If you are hurt by an equipment malfunction, the manufacturer of that tool could also have to pay into your recovery.

Who can I sue if I am hit by a farming vehicle or tractor-trailer?

The driver may have personal vehicle insurance that covers victims. The company they are driving for may also have to provide compensation. In some cases, the driver may work for a third-party trucking company that may or may not cover its drivers and their victims.

How does premises liability affect my injury case?

If you are hurt on someone else’s property, the property owner can be held liable for your injuries. Under premises liability, property owners who invite the public into their business are required to provide a safe and reasonably hazard-free journey. If they fail to clean up a dangerous mess or fail to repair a hazard they can be held accountable.


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