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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in a car accident in Los Angeles? A Los Angeles car accident lawyer at Maison Law can help you receive the highest settlement offer possible from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Careless Los Angeles drivers can speed along while distracted by phones or drive aggressively. Motorists can inexplicably switch four lanes at a time or ignore red lights. All of these hazards put you and your passengers at risk of crash and serious injury. Victims may face weeks or months of medical recovery.

Even with the frightening accident and expensive recovery, car insurance companies will still try to diminish your claim and pay you as little as possible. The car accident lawyers at Maison Law will fight to ensure that your settlement includes compensation for every damage you suffer.

Start with a free consultation and case evaluation. We will gladly answer your questions so that you have a full understanding of your legal options.

Free Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Consultation

After you’ve been in a frightening car accident, you should be allowed to focus on healing without the worry of how you’ll pay for your care. Unfortunately, getting fair compensation to cover your medical bills and your lost time at work isn’t automatic.

You may have to file a claim for damages with an at-fault driver’s insurance provider to receive full financial support for your hardships. You must stay informed of your legal rights as a victim and know how much your injury may be worth.

You won’t lose anything by taking advantage of a free case consultation with Maison Law. This evaluation comes with no obligation to you or your family. Discussing what happened with a skilled attorney will help you understand the options you have before you so that you can make an informed decision on your next move.

Los Angeles Car Accident Injury Claim Process

Los Angeles Accident Compensation and Deadlines

If you earn an insurance settlement or a court judgment, and you can expect to receive compensation for several factors involved in your recovery:

  • Hospital and medical expenses and those expected in the future.
  • Costs associated with a permanent physical disability such as brain damage, vision impairment, paralysis, or the loss of a limb.
  • Physical pain and suffering.
  • Emotional Anguish.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. Loss of consortium (Intimate Relationships).
  • Earnings you’ve lost while missing work.
  • Damage or destruction of property.

California Statue of Limitations for Car Accidents in Los Angeles

In California, injured victims are given up to two years to file a claim for damages with an insurance company. This may seem like you don’t have to rush, but it’s important to file as soon as you and your personal injury attorney are ready.

Collecting evidence and documents will be much easier in the early going. Keeping track of witnesses will also be easier if you don’t wait years to move your case forward.

Common Los Angeles Car Accident Injuries

It’s important to monitor your well-being in the days after living through an impact. An accident of any kind can leave you dazed and in shock. That shock can mask the pain from injuries you don’t know you have.

The next day you may wake up with extreme pain and be in need of further medical care. It’s important to get these new injuries examined right away, whether by your physician or during another trip to the emergency room.

A car accident can leave victims with major injuries that can linger over weeks, months, and years. And there’s always the unfortunate possibility an injury may cause pain over a lifetime or become a permanent disability.

Here are just a few of the more common injuries reported by emergency room doctors after accidents:

  • Brain injuries: Injuries can be short-term issues or cloud memories and physical control of the body for a lifetime. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) after a blow to the head can result in headaches and seizures, and even cause victims to experience anxiety and depression.
  • Thoracic Spine Injury: Whiplash or disc nerve damage is common, especially in rear-end impacts. This damage can result in pain that travels through all parts of the body and a loss of control of body parts.
  • Back injuries: The stretching of tendons and/or muscles leaves small tears of varying degrees in these tissues. Years of back pain and limited motion can result. Just sitting upright in a chair can be excruciating.
  • Broken bones: Fractures in the legs and arms are common in car accidents and some breaks can be very difficult to heal. Bones could heal in the wrong position and require expensive surgery down the line.
Infographic describing steps to take after a car accident in California

What Our Clients Say

Low Car Accident Settlement Offers

Once you’ve been hit, your interactions with at-fault drivers will likely be brief. Your true battle will be with the insurance company they’ve chosen to secure coverage with. Those insurance adjusters determine how much support you’ll receive with your medical bills and losses at work while you heal. At least that’s what they want you to think.

Victims who demand what’s fair for what they’ve been through with the help of a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney can enjoy a better chance of earning everything they need to recover physically and financially. Filing a claim for damages is often necessary to highlight for insurance companies exactly what they’ll be held accountable for.

If not, insurance companies can rely on their time-tested tactics to separate injury victims from the compensation they desperately need. These are just a few of the strategies they may try on you:

Delayed Response: Insurance companies can simply lay your claim aside for a few months or more and let you wait it out. They know you’ll be facing a growing pile of bills while you are also out of work. This pressure would make anyone desperate and that’s what insurance adjusters are counting on.

Lowball Offer: Insurance agents wait until you are good and worried and then extend a “lowball settlement” offer that doesn’t fully cover all of your hardships. You may bite on this offer fearing you may not get a better one Victims often end up paying for part of their recoveries out of pocket when they trust in the goodwill of insurers.

Blaming You: Insurance companies can also go to a lot of effort looking into your driving record and your medical history. Their go-to tactics are to try to demonstrate that you’re a reckless driver who has been in previous accidents to show you may have caused your most recent accident. They can also use any recorded statements you’ve provided to twist your words to discredit your claim. Just say no to any request for a recorded statement.

Refusal to Make A Settlement Offer: Insurers may know their policyholder was in the wrong, but still reject your claim hoping you don’t have the nerve to take them to court. This is a mistake on their part if you have a skilled, competent California lawyer on your side. Your attorney will have already collected evidence and testimony to build a strong case that will stand up in court. This real threat is usually enough to get insurance representatives back to the negotiating table to extend a fair settlement offer.

These tactics are pretty devious but if you have a personal injury lawyer your outlook changes dramatically. Most insurance adjusters give up these strategies once they know a legal professional is on your side. If they don’t, your attorney will easily be able to deflect their false claims and “bad faith” behavior towards you and your case.

Los Angeles Car Accident FAQs

After a car accident in Los Angeles, you want to determine who is at fault. One of the most important steps in proving fault is a police report. No matter how minor you may feel the damage and your injuries are, having a police officer or the California Highway Patrol respond to the scene is important.

Officers prepare an accident report that will lay out who they feel was to blame. Insurance companies can dispute this report, but it can still be used as evidence to prove that you were not at fault.

Witness testimony can also be a powerful tool to prove who was at fault for an accident. On the scene, speak with all witnesses to find out what they saw. You should also get their contact information so your personal injury lawyer can contact them later.

Yes.  In California, even if you are partially responsible for your accident, you might still receive compensation for your damages.

Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, more than one person can be assigned liability in an accident.

You could bear 25% of the blame in a collision for not obeying a traffic law, but the driver involved could also bear 75% of the blame for speeding or using a cellphone while driving. In this case, you would be awarded compensation, and then your part of the blame, 25%, would be subtracted.

Injured victims in California are permitted to file a claim or lawsuit and represent themselves. Handling your claim yourself is only recommended if an accident involves only minor injuries and property damage.

When an accident involves a serious injury or the loss of life, settlements and courtroom judgments should be worth much more and that means insurance companies will work much harder to discount your case.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will know what to do when insurance adjusters try to shift blame from their policyholder to you. You’ll be protected from baseless attempts to show you are a dangerous driver when insurance companies go digging into your driving record.

A personal injury attorney also evaluates every settlement offer you receive and alerts you when you should be getting much more. Your lawyer also represents the implied threat of a lawsuit if the insurance company doesn’t make you a suitable settlement offer.

Yes. It’s legal to bring claims against drunk drivers in Los Angeles car crashes. In fact, you may be able to recover more compensation if your lawyer could prove gross negligence. DUI is a serious crime in California, which means you could be entitled to serious compensation.

Just like two drivers can share blame in an accident, multiple drivers can have the liability in an accident divided up into percentages. After a chain-reaction accident involving multiple vehicles, a judge or jury could assign blame to several drivers based on their levels of liability.

California is a pure comparative negligence state meaning that any driver can be assigned anywhere from 1% to 100% of the liability in a car crash. You may earn injury compensation from the insurance companies for several drivers involved.

The amount of compensation you might receive for an injury would get determined and then each driver would pay you according to their percentages of blame. If you are found partially at fault in the accident, you would see your percentage of blame deducted from your final award.

You can still file an insurance claim after a hit and run accident in Los Angeles. If the driver is never identified, you may be able to recover compensation from your own car insurance policy’s uninsured motorist coverage. If the driver is arrested, your civil claim can move forward even as the suspect faces a criminal trial.

There is no true average for an accident claim. You can check out our California personal injury settlement calculator to get a general idea of what your case might be worth.

Several factors go into determining how much victims receive in compensation. The totals for medical bills and lost wages are a baseline for your case. A case involving a long-term injury should earn much more. The skill of your attorney also affects how much you’ll earn.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

After a traffic accident, please rely on an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney to handle your case and protect what’s important to you.

Insurance companies aren’t required to tell you about every benefit available to you. When you aren’t informed of your rights, you can lose out on valuable resources and end up paying for a large chunk of your recovery costs out-of-pocket.

That should never be the case when you are put through such a traumatic accident through no fault of your own. Take advantage of a free case consultation from Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law. This case evaluation comes with no obligation to you or your family. Make sure you are treated fairly and receive the support you need to fully recover and get back to your normal life.

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