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California Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

How Much Is an Accident Injury Worth in California?

California Personal Injury Claim Calculator

Every personal injury case has its own wrinkles. Finalizing a case is one of them. That’s because you’ll be required to calculate the dollar amount that would appropriately compensate you for your injuries and damages. A personal injury lawyer might place one value on a case while the opposing insurance company typically places a lower value on it. A judge presiding in that personal injury case might value the case differently than either of the parties to it, and 12 people on a jury might have to determine the final amount. As most personal injury victims learn the value of their case from the school of hard knocks, using a personal injury calculator to estimate the value of a case might be of great help in making a settlement demand for purposes of final negotiations.

California Personal Injury Claims Process

Information Used to Calculate Personal Injury Settlement

Whether you were the victim of a slip-and-fall, a trip-and-fall, a construction accident or a pit bull attack, a personal injury calculator is likely to evaluate the following losses or damages that you suffered:

  • Present Medical Expenses: These involve the total cost of medical and related expenses that you’ve incurred to date as a result of your accident and injuries. They can include anything from paramedic services and an ambulance ride to surgery and rehab.
  • Future Medical Bills: Such bills might include additional future rehab, medications, durable medical equipment and home health care that can be proven within a reasonable degree of medical certainty.
  • Lost Earnings: Many accident victims are unable to work for a period of time after their accident. Past pay stubs and the number of days or hours that a victim didn’t work are easily translated into specific sum.
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: This refers to a decrease in earnings as a result of an injury that causes a victim to suffer permanent diminished earnings. The victim simply can’t perform the same work that he or she was performing before the accident and injuries.
  • Property Damage: Victims can be compensated for the damage or loss of personal property as a result of the accident.
  • Pain and Suffering: This is a difficult element of damages to put a price tag on. Because of that, multiples of total ascertainable bills are used to calculate pain and suffering. Sometimes, a per diem value is used. Any permanent disfigurement or disability might be factored into pain and suffering.

California Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

NOTE: You can use the California personal injury settlement calculator to estimate compensation that you might receive after suffering a personal injury.

Please note that estimation provided does not constitute legal advice, nor does it account for any number of variables that can affect a reward, if any. Speak to a personal injury attorney about the specific details of your case.

Use of this personal injury reward calculator cannot guarantee that a user will receive any compensation for their claim or lawsuit. No one can guarantee the results of your case or the rewards available until final judgement.

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    Juries decide noneconomic damages. In some cases, your attorney can suggest a level of necessary compensation and argue for it on your behalf. The judge may then instruct decide on a reasonable and fair amount.

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