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Turlock Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Maison Law is an advocate for safe bicycle rides in Turlock and proudly represents the victims of Turlock bicycle accidents. Our personal injury lawyers aggressively seek compensation for our clients from insurance companies who cover at-fault drivers. Please contact us after an accident caused by a driver’s recklessness. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for all cycling injury victims. It’s a no-risk opportunity to find out what your injury may be worth and how to hold insurance companies fully responsible for recovery costs.

Do I Need to Call a Lawyer After a Turlock Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It’s not all that common, but sometimes bicyclists are sent into a tumble by a careless driver and are able to pop right back up. They may have some scratches and soreness, and some bike damage, but otherwise will be okay. For minor accidents, you may not need the help of a lawyer to be treated fairly.

But when the injuries go further, such as a broken wrist, facial fractures, or head injuries, victims may find it hard to get help from an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. Insurers get nervous when medical bills escalate and they turn to unfair tactics to try to avoid taking financial responsibility.

Adjusters will try to blame you for your crash, or even claim that your serious injuries aren’t all that bad. They want to get away with offering you less than what you’ll need to recover, leaving you stuck paying for the rest of your losses. Your lawyer is there to shield you from these underhanded tactics. Your lawyer helps you spot “lowball” bicycle accident settlement offers and reject them and then demands much more.

California Law Protects Cyclists

Turlock has some great bike paths and a few bike lanes to take advantage of, like around Donnelly Park and along Hawkeye Avenue,  but there are still times when riders must test their luck out in traffic. They can be alongside distracted drivers who can veer over on a rider, or turn right in front of a defenseless bicyclist.

Children are at risk as they ride through Turlock neighborhoods when drivers are speeding and not paying attention to the lanes.

According to California Vehicle Code 21200. , you and your bike share equal rights to the road with motorists.  If you’re moving as fast as traffic, you can make use of the lane like any other vehicle.  Even if you’re moving slower than traffic, if there’s no other place for your bike to go, you’re still entitled to your lane and protected by the law.

Of course, despite the rules, drivers may not know them or may not even care.  An ignorant and careless driver will forever be the most dangerous threat to anyone on a bike. It’s not pleasant to think about, but if the unthinkable happens and you’re forced into an accident, you’ll have to be ready to fight to protect your future.

A Turlock bicycle accident lawyer mounts that fight for you to give you a chance to heal while avoiding the sometimes frustrating negotiations with car insurance adjusters.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

See to your immediate safety and health first. Then take the steps necessary to prove the accident wasn’t your fault

  • Wait for the police. Make sure they take your report.
  • Don’t discuss the details of what happened with others involved in the accident. Never discuss the case with anyone representing the other party in the accident. That includes insurance agents and lawyers. If you have already spoken to them, stop what you are doing, and give us a call. We can still help you.
  • Gather Information. Get contact information from witnesses.  Take photos of the scene.
  • Get a medical evaluation. Always visit a doctor even if you feel little pain. Injuries from a bicycle accident don’t always appear right away.
  • Save any evidence. Don’t throw away or wash the clothes you were wearing and save every part of your damaged bicycle.

Compensation for Turlock Bicycle Accident Victims

Your lawyer fully investigates your accident and looks into the past driving record of the driver at fault. Then all evidence is collected and submitted in an accident claim that demands support for every hardship you face as you rebuild your health.

A list of damages must include all economic damages, such as the bills for surgery and hospital stays. It will also include the non-economic damages you and your family have endured, such as the damage a frightening accident can do to your mental wellbeing.

Another non-economic damage is the emotional trauma you’ve suffered. This can take the form of fear of returning to the road to ride. It might also include the loss of enjoyment of life you suffer while unable to ride.

These are just a few of the economic and non-economic damages your settlement check must cover:

  • Past and future medical invoices.
  • Long-term costs associated with permanent disfigurement and permanent disability.
  • Support for the physical pain and emotional trauma you’ve suffered during your bike accident and a difficult recovery. Coping with being off your bike for weeks, months, or longer.
  • Travel costs to see specialists and out-of-town doctors.
  • Past and future lost earnings.
  • Repairs to Bicycle or Replacement.
  • Wrongful death bicycle accident claims. Families who lose a loved one to a careless driver’s mistake must seek assistance with paying leftover medical bills and funeral expenses. They should also seek help for the future when the family will be without the guidance and financial support the victim had always provided.

Support for Child Bicycle Accident Victims

Children are especially vulnerable to bicycle accidents. Their young minds can’t be expected to always make the best decisions while riding on neighborhood streets. That’s why local drivers are under a legal obligation to show extra care in monitoring for cyclists and always slowing down to avoid collisions.

Children are closer to the wheels of a car and can easily fall under a vehicle to suffer severe injuries. Their bodies are also still developing. This means that an injury that seems to heal now may affect how they mature in their teen years. Future surgeries and physical therapy could be necessary. That’s why additional support is usually needed to make sure young bicycle accident victims have the support necessary to deal with future consequences.

Maison Law is ready to compassionately represent parents and their injured children after a devastating bicycle accident. We want to make sure young victims have the support they need now and in future years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get compensation if I got hit riding my bike in the street?

In California, it’s legal to ride in the street along with the motor vehicles so long as you obey all traffic codes and rights-of-way. So if you’re injured, you can get compensation if you can prove the other driver was negligent. If both of you were negligent, then if the other driver was more negligent, you can still get some compensation.

How do I get compensation if the driver hit me and fled?

Unfortunately, if the driver went unidentified, you can’t make a claim against his or her insurance company. However, if you signed up for uninsured motorist coverage, you’re likely covered if you’re injured in a hit-and-run case.

How long do I have to file a bike accident lawsuit in California?

In California, a victim of an auto accident has two years to file a claim. Once two years from the date of injury have passed you may lose your right to compensation. That deadline may be even shorter in lawsuits against any government agency. Special requirements might apply with a much shorter time limit for filing.

Contact a Turlock Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a bicycle accident involving a serious injury, speak to an experienced Turlock Personal Injury Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every client should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and receive personalized attention. Contact Maison Law today to learn more about your legal options.

And if you feel we can help you earn more for your case, you won’t need to stress over finding the money to hire us. Maison Law doesn’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement you and your family receive.

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