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How To Get a Car Accident Report in Salinas California

Salinas drivers generally do their best to stay safe on local roads, but a careless driver can land anyone in a collision. Your accident may have left you with a serious injury and you’d be excused for worrying over how to get your extreme hospital bills covered.

Holding an at-fault driver’s insurance provider accountable for your injury recovery isn’t always a sure bet. Especially when insurance agents start to twist your words and try to turn the blame around on you. Contact a Salinas attorney with Maison Law for a free consultation and a lesson in dealing with insurance companies. We can protect your rights and make sure the cost of your recovery isn’t dropped in your lap.

Getting A Car Accident Report In Salinas

If a Salinas Police Officer worked your accident you’ll be required to go to the website to obtain your collision report. You can enter your personal information and your accident report number to pull up your data. The responding officer should have provided your report number on the scene of your collision.

For any other questions, you can contact the Salinas Police Records Department at (831) 758-7090. Use option 2 to get the Police Services Group.

Keep in mind that if you’ve agreed to let an attorney represent your accident case that attorney will be working to get the accident report for you. You may have no need to obtain your own copy.

California Highway Patrol Accident Reports in Monterey County

If the California Highway Patrol works your accident, perhaps along U.S. 101, you’ll print out a report request form at the California Highway Patrol website.

You can fill it out and drop it off in person at the CHP office closest to where your accident happened or mail it in. The Monterey CHP office in Salinas will likely be the closest location.

Monterey CHP Office

960 East Blanco Road

Salinas, CA 93901-4419

(831) 770-8000

Do I need a lawyer after an accident in Salinas?

For vehicle damage and minor injury accidents, you shouldn’t need a lawyer. Vehicle body repair and replacement follow a fairly standard process in insurance claims.

After an accident that leaves you or a family member seriously hurt it’s important to discuss your options with a legal professional. Leaving your recovery up to an insurance company will only work out in favor of the insurance company. Contact a Salinas Car Accident Attorney with Maison Law to determine your next move.

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