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Salinas Car Accident Lawyer

Maison Law represents the victims of Salinas car accidents. Our personal injury lawyers aggressively seek compensation for our clients from insurance companies who cover at-fault drivers. Please contact us after an accident caused by another driver’s recklessness. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation for all local injury victims. It’s a no-risk opportunity to find out what your injury may be worth and how to hold insurance companies fully responsible for recovery costs.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Salinas Traffic Accident?

If your injuries end up being serious after a collision, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer about your options. If you suffer an injury like a broken bone or head trauma, you may need the protection of a legal representative.

When medical costs are high, car insurance adjusters fight hard to avoid having to pay out full compensation. They’ll try to shift blame in an accident or use their own doctors to say that your injuries aren’t as bad as your medical charts say. Your lawyer is your shield against these ridiculous tactics. Your Salinas car accident lawyer uses evidence to force insurance companies to provide the maximum in compensation for you and your family.

Car Accident Dangers In Salinas

Salinas is a small place that makes a big impression on the rest of the country with its agricultural output each year. Sending out flowers and vegetables to every corner of the nation and different parts of the world is something to be proud of.

When you travel local roads, it’s important to be wary of the big trucks that leave Monterey County every day carrying out this bounty of local goods. These trucks can be traveling at surprisingly high speeds and they can sometimes barely fit in one lane. An accident with such a big vehicle can be devastating to cars and SUVs. Your injury may leave you in pain and wondering if truck drivers depend on their own auto insurance or if the company they work for will help you. An attorney can sort out this complex issue for you when you’re left with an injury.

For a small city, Salinas can also see its share of big city traffic headaches. The consequences of those accidents are reported by the police department each year. KSBW-TV collected the police accident data for 2018 to pinpoint the worst intersections around Salinas. These spots prove dangerous every year:

  • East Laurel Drive & Natividad Road — 32 collisions in 2018
  • Boronda Road & Natividad Road — 22 collisions
  • Boronda Road & McKinnon Street — 15 collisions
  • East Alisal Street & Sanborn Road — 14 collisions

Common Accident Types in Monterey County

When you’re behind the wheel, or on a motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot the dangers can come from many different directions. There are many common situations on highways that lead to increased risk, but some irresponsible decisions by drivers can also contribute to a violent crash.

  • Head-On Impacts: Highways with long straightaways can lull a driver into a false sense of security. They can veer over into another lane without realizing it until it’s too late. Head-On collisions are the most likely type of impact to claim a life.
  • DUI Accidents: A driver can choose to drink and get behind the wheel and then create any of these other hazards listed. They can veer into other lanes and even become a wrong-way driver on a highway.
  • Rollover/Ejection Accidents: These also lead to some of the most severe outcomes in a collision. Victims are subjected to extreme forces and impacts and the safety devices built into a vehicle may not help.
  • Reckless Driving: Speeding, aggressive driving can put other motorists at increased risk of an accident.
  • Distracted Driving: Cell phones are the number one threat to a driver’s attention. A careless driver’s glance down at a text or a notification can have scary implications for others on the road.

What to Do After a Salinas Car Accident

To battle back against the underhanded tactics insurance adjusters can use, you’ll need all available evidence. Your lawyer will be fully investigating your case, but your representative can’t be there in the moments after your crash. Yet, that’s often where the most important evidence will be found, on the scene, before it’s cleared.

If you are left strong enough after an impact and the scene is secure, try to gather these details:

    • Dial 911. Tell the California Highway Patrol or Salinas police everything you can remember about what happened. This information goes into their collision report and will serve as valuable evidence for your accident insurance claim.
    • Let paramedics examine you. Go to the emergency room if necessary. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a witness to collect a few details for you.
    • Take photos of all vehicles involved. Show lane markings, nearby speed limit signs, and any black tire marks left in the lanes. Document any visible injuries and any damage to personal property.
    • Get contact information from witnesses.
    • Exchange license and insurance details with other drivers if the investigating officer doesn’t provide this information.
    • Make an appointment to see your physician. Follow the doctor’s recommendations on physical therapy and visiting specialists.
    • Preserve all evidence like damaged clothing and personal items.
    • Contact a local car accident attorney. Car accident victims can sign off on a lowball settlement offer and end up facing half or more of their recovery costs themselves. A skilled and experienced attorney will know what your injury is worth and will fight to get the most out of your injury claim.

Why Having a Local Attorney Matters After A Salinas Car Accident

These accidents can happen out of nowhere in a manner that prevents even safe drivers from avoiding a collision. The injuries can be devastating. A loss of mobility is possible. Brain damage and memory loss are possible. These injuries can take months to heal, require multiple surgeries, and even affect you for the rest of your life.

That’s why a standard insurance payout is rarely enough to get victims through their recovery, their loss of wages at work, and their emotional anguish after a traumatic event. An attorney can let an insurance firm know that the basic coverage won’t be enough for the damages you experienced recently and those to come.

If the at-fault driver worked for someone like Uber, Lyft, or Amazon, those companies and their lawyers may also get involved in your civil claim for damages. Their lawyers get paid and earn bonuses for discrediting you and your lawsuit. You’ll need someone on your side to help you collect evidence and to make sure insurance agents are forced to do what’s right.

Compensation Available After a Car Accident

After a car accident on a busy route like Highway 101, you’ll have up to two years to file an insurance claim. It’s the statute of limitations in California for injury claims. It’s important to allow your lawyer to examine your case as soon as possible though. You don’t want evidence to disappear or witnesses to become hard to locate after waiting months or a year.

When you and your personal injury lawyer feel your claim is ready to submit, you’ll be listing every personal damage you have endured.

These are just a few of the factors that will go into determining the amount you see on a car accident settlement check:

  • All hospital and doctor expenses.
  • Estimates on future costs associated with a long-term injury or permanent physical disability.
  • The physical pain and suffering you endure.
  • The emotional trauma you face in the accident and in recovery.
  • Damage or destruction of property.
  • Income you’ve lost from missing work and income you might have to forfeit in the future.
  • Wrongful death benefits. Families left behind after a fatal accident seek support for burial costs and remaining medical bills. They should also expect help in the future when they’ll be without the guidance and income support a loved one can no longer provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still be able to seek support. You are able to file a claim on your own uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage is included with most car insurance policies unless you request in writing for it to be taken off.

Yes. Families who lose a loved one are empowered to seek justice by filing a wrongful death claim. This civil claim can seek help with funeral costs and paying leftover medical bills. A claim should also seek help with replacing the income the victim can no longer provide for the family in the future.

Not usually. A large percentage of car accident cases are settled before a trial is necessary. Car insurance companies want to settle to avoid the costs of going to court. But if an insurer doesn’t treat you fairly, your lawyer will be ready to file a lawsuit and drag the insurer before a judge and jury.

Salinas Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are seriously hurt in an auto accident in Salinas or Monterey County don’t wait long to contact Maison Law. Insurance companies for at-fault drivers will gladly let you pay half or more of your own medical costs if you don’t hold them accountable. They don’t have to tell you that what you should be getting in compensation, and they are happy to keep you in the dark.

Discuss your case with our attorneys and let’s figure out the best way to get you back on your feet, free of hospital bills, and financial worries. We aren’t afraid to take on giant insurance companies to make sure you have what you need to recover both physically and financially.

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