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Should I Call a Lawyer if I Have Facial Scarring

Facial scarring as a result of an accident can be an unsightly impairment of appearance that can be both physically and emotionally challenging for a victim. If you or somebody close to you has suffered facial scarring as a result of an act or failure to act of somebody else, contact us at Maison Law, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation. We can talk about how you were injured, how it has affected you and whether you might be eligible for a settlement or award.

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Common Causes of Facial Scarring

There are a variety of causes of accidental facial scarring. The most common are auto accidents, burns and dog bites to children. Facial scarring from these types of accidents can cause a permanent change in a victim’s appearance and give rise to a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Permanent scarring and disfigurement would be elements of damages in such an action.

Some Common Types of Scar:

Scars are visible signs that a skin injury has healed. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons details three different types of scars that its members usually treat. Those follow:

  • Hypertropic Scars: These involve thick scar tissue around a wound site. They’re usually red and raised. They might cause some pain and discomfort. Their color might be darker or lighter than the surrounding skin color.
  • Keloid Scars: These are another type of raised scars that typically develop where there is little underlying fatty tissue, like on a cheek or forehead. They might get wider over time.
  • Contracture Scars: This type of scarring is often seen with burned skin. They occur as a result of skin and tissue coming together during healing. When these types of scars cross a joint, they cause restricted movement and pain.

Many Scars Can’t be Made Invisible

As the face is the most visible part of the human body, facial scars are the most noticeable type of scarring. Poor healing of a wound contributes to many unsightly facial scars. Even a skin injury that healed well can leave a victim with facial scarring. Scar revision surgery can be performed to reduce the conspicuity of a scar and have it blend in with the surrounding skin texture and tone. Unfortunately, there are many cases when scars can’t be made invisible.

Factors Influencing the Facial Scar Compensation

Accident victims who suffer facial scars often also experience significant physical and emotional issues as a result of their disfigurement. The compensatory value of a facial scar will turn on a number of factors that follow:

  • The Location of the Scar: If a scar can’t be covered by clothing, it’s generally considered to be more severe. Juries tend to agree that injuries to the face or neck are more serious.
  • The Sex of the Victim: Female facial and scarring victims tend to get higher awards than male victims.
  • Secondary Damage: Facial scarring can lead to nerve, muscle and skin damage that might affect a victim’s ability to completely open or close an eye. Even a victim’s smile can be affected.
  • Emotional Injury: The psychological impact of facial scarring and disfigurement can be drastic. Permanent facial scarring and disfigurement can cause substantial self-esteem and self-confidence issues along with depression.

California Personal Injury Law Firm that Deals with Facial Scarring

At Maison Law, we’re sensitive to the distress and suffering of facial scarring victims, and we’re resolute in our commitment to helping them seek justice and compensation for the injuries and damages that they suffered. If you’re the victim of an accident that caused facial scarring, you can contact our offices for a free consultation and case review. We can discuss your claim for facial scarring and whether you might be eligible for a settlement or award. If we’re retained to represent you, our objective will be to maximize any proceeds that you might receive.

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