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Chemical Burn Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

People already have a healthy fear of being in a car accident that involves a vehicle catching fire. They’ll also know the dangers of exposure to an open flame on a California job site or at a local business. These are all examples of burn injury dangers.

Many people may not be as aware of the burn risks they are exposed to when coming in contact with a harmful chemical in the home or while out working, attending class, or shopping.

Once you’ve become the victim of a painful chemical burn, it’s important to identify those parties who may be responsible for the hazard that caused you harm. You’ll want to ensure that the individuals responsible and their insurance companies can’t wriggle out of taking full responsibility.

A Free Consultation After a California Chemical Burn Accident

When an at-fault party’s negligence is responsible for your chemical burn injury, you’ll have one chance to secure the compensation you’ll need now and possibly in the future.

California Traumatic Injury Lawyer protects you during settlement negotiations to make sure you and your family receive everything you need in recovery. Contact Maison Law to schedule a free case consultation and find out what level of support you should be demanding for your burn injury.

Chemical Burn Hazards in California Accidents

The Mayo Clinic defines a chemical burn this way…
“Chemical burns are tissue damage caused by strong acids, drain cleaners, paint thinner, gasoline and many other substances.”

Chemical burn hazards include any corrosive chemical you might get on your skin, in your eyes, or ingest. In the context of an accident, people can definitely suffer burns in a traffic collision when coming in contact with the many harmful substances used to make a car work. That includes gasoline, battery acid, and other fluids.

Victims can be burned in the home or while out at a store by household and commercial cleaners. Cleaner manufacturers and retailers can be held responsible for selling an unsafe product or improperly warning consumers of potential harm. Businesses should never let customers, clients, or visitors come near a potentially dangerous chemical.

These hazards can exist in places like theme parks or on a worksite. A harsh solvent may be used and not cleaned up or a machine may spew a harmful chemical into the eyes of workers or guests.

There are many ways victims can be harmed by chemicals and it’s critical that all victims speak with a skilled California Burn Injury Lawyer about their recovery. Victims should know what their injuries are worth and how to secure that money from at-fault parties and their insurance representatives.

Chemical Burn Common Personal Injuries

Chemical burns will affect your skin and even burn through your clothing to reach your skin. After a painful chemical burn wound on the skin, victims can experience blistering, peeling of the skin, redness, and general damage to all layers of the skin. Skin grafts are often needed to repair damaged skin. Permanent scars are a real possibility along with skin, stomach, and esophagus cancer cases down the road.

When your eyes are exposed to a harmful chemical, you’ll experience blurry vision, stinging or burning, and even permanent blindness is possible.

Ingesting or breathing in a chemical will often do devastating harm to internal organs. Coughing, chest pain, and vomiting are not uncommon. A chemical can eat holes in the stomach or the esophagus. At times, surgery is necessary to remove the harmful chemical without bringing it back up to damage the esophagus and throat a second time.

When patients aren’t sure how dangerous the chemicals they’ve come in contact with are, they should seek help from Poison Control. There are two ways to get help from Poison Control in the United States: online at or by calling 800-222-1222.

A chemical burn can do serious harm to the outside and inside of your body. You or a loved one may be exposed to a chemical that causes a terrible burn due to the negligence of someone else. At that point, you or your loved one will need to focus on healing and also keeping up the pressure on an insurance company to help pay for recovery.

Strengthening Your Chemical Burn Claim on the Scene of Your Accident

Bringing strong evidence of someone’s negligence in your accident is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your California chemical burn injury claim. The best evidence will be found in the moments after exposure.

You should immediately call 911 and try to identify to the operator what you were exposed to. Once help has arrived able, if you were left strong enough, try to get photos of the hazard that caused your chemical burn. Show any visible injuries, especially visible wounds on the skin. Get contact information from witnesses. At a business or your office, alert a manager to what happened and allow them to write up an incident report.

Be sure to schedule a visit to see your own doctor in the days that follow. Follow the doctor’s orders and see any specialists the doctor recommends. Keep all medical invoices.

Compensation Available After an Accident Involving a Chemical Burn

Your task and your California Personal Injury Lawyer’s duty will be to make sure a claim for damages contains a complete list of your suffering. You should keep track of every hardship you have suffered while you’ve been recovering from your burn.

Each physical, emotional, and financial damage you’ve absorbed must be included in your insurance claim in order for you to receive compensation for every type of loss. Anything left off this list is an expense that comes out of your own pocket.

These are just a few of the factors that will be used to determine the amount on your chemical burn injury settlement check:

  • Totals on medical bills.
  • Rehab and physical therapy treatment/equipment.
  • Lifelong cost estimates for a permanent disability or disfigurement.
  • Travel costs to medical appointments while you are off your feet.
  • Pain and emotional anguish.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Lost income from work (including the expected future lost time).
  • Wrongful death benefits. Benefits due to family members left behind after a loved one dies due to exposure to a harmful chemical.

Contact a California Chemical Burn Accident Lawyer

Burn victims throw away the most financial support by not knowing what their injury is worth. Insurance companies will gladly take advantage of this fact. A California chemical burn accident attorney works to make sure victims have what they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

There’s an easy, no-risk way to determine just what your burn injury is worth and how to get the most out of a California insurance settlement. Contact Martin Gasparian to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Mr. Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, offers this free case evaluation to all victims suffering from chemical burns due to the careless actions of others. If you feel Maison Law can help you earn the maximum compensation for your injury, you won’t need any money upfront. Mr. Gasparian doesn’t get paid unless he wins your case.

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