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Trauma Centers In Modesto

A frightening accident on Highway 99 or a malfunctioning machine at work can leave Modesto victims with severe injuries. Victims will need the best medical care available as soon as possible. That means that many patients will be relying on treatment at local Trauma Centers. Knowing where these trauma centers are can give you peace of mind if you or a loved one are ever hurt in a personal injury accident.

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Modesto Trauma Center Care

The care that Trauma Centers offer in California is meant to go beyond the care that a normal emergency room can offer. Trauma centers offer specialized surgeons and nurses to deal with severe injuries. They also house the most cutting-edge equipment for the benefit of badly injured victims.

If you are badly injured in an accident in Stanislaus County, you’ll likely be brought to one of the Level II Trauma Centers in Modesto:

Doctors Medical Center (DMC)

Level II Trauma Center

1441 Florida Avenue

Modesto, CA 95350


Memorial Medical Center (MMC)

Level II Trauma Center

1700 Coffee Road

Modesto, CA 95355

In some cases, it’s best for a patient with traumatic injuries to be flown to a Level I Trauma Center for more specialized care. One of the closest Level I facilities would be Fresno’s Table Mountain Rancheria Trauma Center at Community Regional Medical Center.

Patients may also be transported to the Level I Trauma Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose or the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

What Are Traumatic Injuries?

Traumatic injuries are usually the result of powerful impact forces, penetrating or blunt, that leave victims in need of immediate medical attention. These are severe, often life-threatening injuries caused by things like burns from fires, gunshots, falls, car accidents, and other serious incidents.

Victims are assessed and rushed to Trauma Centers to give them the best chance of survival. Trauma Centers are an extension of Hospital Emergency Departments. They’ll have 24/7 access to surgeons. They often have specialized procedures to help stroke and heart attack victims. There are also pediatric trauma centers that focus on treating children suffering from the most serious injuries.

What Are the Different Levels of Care at California Trauma Centers

Trauma centers get grouped into categories according to the level of care they provide. They are designated on a scale of either I, II, III, or IV, with I being the highest certification a trauma center can be assigned.

California uses this level system to designate the type of trauma care available at each center. These are defined by the California Local Emergency Medical Services Authority (LEMSA).

  • Level I and level II trauma centers are equipped and staffed to offer the highest level of medical care. They have similar medical professionals and resources with the greatest difference being that level I’s are research and teaching facilities.
  • Level III and level IV trauma centers generally provide initial stabilization of trauma patients. Some patients are transferred from Level III and IV to Level I & II when needed. Level III facilities generally have more advanced surgical capabilities than Level IV facilities.
  • Pediatric trauma centers focus specifically on care for infants, children, and adolescents. The Level I pediatric centers require some additional pediatric specialties, research, and teaching responsibilities.
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