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Rear End Accidents in Modesto

Maison Law represents injured car accident victims and helps them secure the recovery support they need from at-fault drivers. Contact a skilled Modesto Car Accident Lawyer and schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation after a rear-end accident. It’s a no-risk way to find out how to earn the most compensation available as soon as possible so you don’t fall behind on bills.

Do I Need a Modesto Car Accident Lawyer After a Rear-End Accident?

If your rear-end accident only causes some fender and body damage and/or only minor bumps and bruises, you might not need the help of a lawyer. Car insurance companies for at-fault drivers can usually be trusted to pay for car repairs or for automobile replacement.

However, when an accident involves serious injuries, the fight to get fair support for medical expenses and lost income can become very frustrating. Car insurance companies get nervous about the high costs of recovery and begin looking for ways to get out of paying you for the consequences. A car accident lawyer is your safeguard when auto insurers pull out every tactic to rob you and your family of accident compensation.

You should also seek a free case review with a skilled Modest car accident lawyer if you are being blamed for a car collision that you didn’t cause. Talk over what happened with Maison Law to find out how you can fight back and prove your innocence.

Rear-End Traffic Accident Dangers in Modesto

Suffering a rearender accident at rush hour on Highway 99 can be beyond frustrating. But you or a family member could also suffer a serious injury.

A driver looking at a cell phone instead of the traffic ahead may be to blame. A motorist may be traveling too fast to stop for a red light on a busy street like Briggsmore Avenue.

These mistakes might send an SUV or a pickup truck into the back of your car at full speed. The impact may toss victims back and forth in quick and powerful motion. You or a loved one might end up in the emergency room with a bone fracture or a neck injury. The costs for care could go far beyond one night of treatment and victims can face enormous hospital bills that build over weeks and months.

These expenses and others should be an at-fault driver’s responsibility and in turn, the driver’s auto insurance company’s liability. Unfortunately, car insurance adjusters can try to blame you for an accident in order to get out of having to send you a settlement check. They can also downplay the seriousness of your injuries to reduce the payout. This can leave your family without the money to pay for recovery costs. Your Modesto car accident lawyer is your safeguard against this unfair treatment.

Common Rear-End Car Accident Injuries

Your lawyer will be conducting a full investigation into what happened to you. Your lawyer collects California Highway Patrol or Modesto Police accident reports. Your attorney contacts witnesses for testimony and secures video evidence from any cameras found near the scene. The driving record of the at-fault driver will be pulled up.

This evidence is key to building a strong case that a car insurance company can poke holes into. Once the guilt of the at-fault driver is proven, your lawyer seeks full damages for your injuries and medical care. Demanding full compensation is critical because the injuries suffered in a rearender can leave you with long-term pain and even permanent disabilities. These are just a few of the serious injuries you or a loved one could experience in a major rear-end collision:

  • Whiplash
  • Spine injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries including concussions
  • Seatbelt and airbag injuries

What Kind of Compensation Can I Ask for After a Rear-End Accident?

It’s vital to get full compensation to pay for the care needed to recover from such serious injuries. However, car accident victims can earn settlement money for more than just hospital bills.

Your lawyer makes sure every hardship you’ve been put through with your injury is considered when filing a car accident claim. This is an important step because any damage left out of your claim can end up as a cost that could become debt that you’d be responsible for.

These and other factors will help determine the size of the car accident settlement check you and your family receive:

Hospital and physical therapy expenses. This includes any medical equipment you need for recovery like neck braces, wheelchairs or knee scooters, and other home care aids.

Estimates on future costs associated with a long-term injury or permanent physical disability.

The physical pain you endure including chronic pain.

The emotional trauma you face in the accident and in recovery.

Car repair costs or money for a replacement vehicle. Rental car costs.

Lost income from missing work and income you might have to forfeit in the future.

Wrongful death benefits. Families left behind after a fatal accident may seek support for burial costs and remaining medical bills. They should also expect help in the future when they’ll be without the guidance and income support a loved one can no longer provide.

Contact a Modesto Car Accident Lawyer After a Rear-End Collision

As a car accident victim, you could be facing a long, difficult recovery from your injuries. The expenses that come along with any medical recovery shouldn’t be your concern.

You can lose time from work and incur thousands in medical bills and get behind on your normal monthly bills like your rent or car payments.

After a rear-ender accident involving a serious injury in California, contact a Modesto car accident lawyer with Maison Law for a free consultation and case evaluation. It’s a no-risk way to determine what your injury is worth and to find out how to maximize the compensation you receive.

If you decide Maison Law can help you earn more for your accident claim, you won’t need any upfront money. We are happy to represent you and protect your rights, but we don’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our attorney fee comes out of the settlement money you are awarded.

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