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Livermore Car Accident Lawyer

Commuters in Livermore mix in with school traffic, rideshare vehicles, and Wheels and Rapid buses to make for quite a morning and evening rush. These busy times and even off-hours can all be dangerous for motorists around Alameda County. Careless and distracted travelers rarely only put themselves in jeopardy. They often cause accidents for innocent drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians trying to be safe to protect themselves and their families.

If you become the victim of a reckless driver or a family member is suddenly a victim, you need to be aware of all of your rights. Contact local attorney Martin Gasparian, Esq., the founder of Maison Law to get an honest appraisal of your options.

Since graduating from Georgetown University Law Center almost 20 years ago, Mr. Gasparian studied how insurance firms operate as an insider and then opened his own law firm to help put the power back in the hands of the victims. He makes sure everyday people have a chance to stand up to major corporations and insurance companies to seek the compensation they need.

Car Accident Dangers In And Around Livermore

You may be needed for a 9 a.m. appointment in San Jose or you could be on I-580 to Hayward. You might just be heading for a lunch destination on First Street when it dawns on you. There are a lot of people using Livermore’s roads and not all of them are paying attention.

You can be a cautious driver who watches out for everyone else on the road, but a distracted driver can make an unexpected move and suddenly you’re sliding off the road after absorbing a collision. The injuries can depend a lot on the speeds of the vehicles involved and the impact points.

You or a passenger could suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, organ damage, and whiplash. You can even be injured by the very things meant to protect you including seatbelts and airbags. With all of these outcomes seen in emergency rooms every day, at-fault drivers must not be allowed to get away with sticking you with the bill for their mistake.

A claim for damages filed against the driver’s car insurance provider can make sure every hardship you’ve endured gets covered, including:

  • Medical expenses: Hospital bills and rehabilitation costs already seen and any costs of treatment needed in the years to come.
  • Missed work: The paychecks you’ve lost while you’ve had to miss time at your job. These lost wages can get you into financial trouble with all of your debtors including car loans, rent and mortgage payments, and monthly gas and electric bills.
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement: Compensation for training and equipment needed to cope with life with a disability. Money for training for a possible career change.
  • Emotional anguish: Depression and anxiety can be real tests for victims who have been through a terrible trauma. Can you face getting behind the wheel again?
  • Travel expenses: The money spent visiting specialists, out-of-city and out-of-state experts, and therapist appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an accident report from Livermore police?

The investigating officer’s report on the accident is usually available on-line, but sometimes you’re required to make a call or visit their records department. To locate records use a report number if you have it. Your name, the date of the crash, or the officer’s badge number may also help you find your document. See below for more information on getting an accident report.

Will I have to be part of a trial to get compensation for my injury?

Generally, no. Very few accident cases make it all the way into a courtroom. Insurance companies don’t like the cost of going to court, so they can often be motivated to offer you a fair settlement when they realize you are willing to take them before a judge and jury.

What should I tell the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Nothing. A representative may call from the other driver’s insurance firm but you should refuse to talk to them. They may be hoping you’ll say something that helps them shift blame to you. Let your attorney handle the communication with all parties.

Contact a Livermore Auto Accident Lawyer

There are laws in place to protect you when you’ve been hurt in a vehicle collision. Insurance companies don’t have to inform you of these protections and they hope that you don’t discover them. Don’t go into a settlement negotiation blind. An attorney on your side can make all the difference in getting compensation for your current pain and anguish and getting the compensation you’ll need in the months and years to come.

If you or a loved one are seriously hurt in an auto accident in Livermore or Alameda County don’t wait to contact Maison Law. You should never have to worry about the high cost of medical care as you try to recover from an accident caused by a careless driver.

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