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Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists in Bakersfield will find plenty of straight highways for a cruise in the fresh air or for heading to work and back. They’ll also find a lot of careless motorists who fail to monitor their own vehicles much less anyone else using the roads.

Riders can usually spot a distracted driver a mile away and steer well clear of them. But careless and reckless drivers can fail to notice a motorcyclist under almost any conditions and put bikers in dangerous spots. Sometimes they have the chance to maneuver past a driver’s mistake. Sometimes a defenseless motorcyclist absorbs a dangerous impact with a vehicle and the pavement to suffer a serious injury.

Support for Bakersfield Motorcycle Injury Victims

If the simple pleasure of riding a motorcycle ends with a careless driver forcing you into a serious accident, don’t leave your recovery in the hands of an insurance agent. Insurance providers for at-fault drivers like to shift blame to a motorcyclist any time they can get away with it. That bad faith practice can leave a motorcyclist with thousands of dollars in hospital bills and lost wages at work.

Allow a legal professional with Maison Law to take a look at your case in a free consultation and go over the best path you have for getting your healthcare and your hardships completely paid for.  Contact attorney Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, for an honest look at your options. Mr. Gasparian sees recovery for victims through to the end and only offers advice that’s in the best interest of motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Common Motorcycle Accidents Around Bakersfield

Bakersfield drivers who send motorcyclists into accidents can often throw up their hands and say “I never saw the motorcycle.” And yet, the real culprit is a lack of focus on the road. Drivers turning or switching lanes can give a split-second glance in a mirror or out a driver’s side window, think the road is free and clear and hit the gas.

Without a proper look in any direction, they’ve put a motorcyclist in what’s usually a no-win situation. A collision with a car, truck or SUV, or the pavement, or both can be unavoidable.

Here are just some of the roadway situations that often lead to motorcycle accidents.:

  • Car Turning Left – Drivers turning across traffic can get a bit anxious when faced with opposing traffic. They may see a line of cars pass and then gun it before spotting a motorcyclist following behind but by then they’ve already placed themselves in front of the rider. A wide left turn also leaves a vehicle in front of oncoming traffic for a longer amount of time.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes – Motorists can switch lanes or merge without taking more than a second to check mirrors and blind spots. They’ll veer over and a motorcyclist will be forced to either take an impact or quickly dart out of the way leaving them at risk of a collision with another car.
  • Rear-end Collisions – Motorcycles can sit at a stoplight or stop sign and drivers approaching from behind can somehow miss their brake lights. Motorists will often not be paying enough attention to accurately tell how close a rider is. A rear-end strike can send a motorcyclist upward and off his or her bike in an instant.
  • Motorcycle Lane Splitting – Also called lane filtering. This usually occurs when a motorcyclist travels between two lanes of stopped or slowly moving traffic. Lane splitting is perfectly legal in California, but that doesn’t guarantee that other motorists will know about or respect the law.
  • Dooring – Occupants of parked cars might not even think to look out the back window to see if a motorcyclist is nearby. They might swing a door open at an unfortunate moment and leave a rider with nowhere to go but straight into the door.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcyclists are often faced with prolonged battles with car insurance companies while seeking support. Insurance agents will try to protect their profits and their policyholders by attempting to shift all responsibility in a collision to a motorcyclist. They’ll use old stereotypes about daredevil riders and unsafe bikes when, in fact, it was their driver’s lack of attention that led to a crash.

That’s why a personal injury lawyer can work towards a much better settlement for a motorcycle injury victim. Insurance companies will give up on a lot of their standard tactics when they know an experienced attorney has taken up a case and is overseeing the victim’s welfare.

Your personal injury lawyer will be filing a claim for damages to recover everything possible after a motorcycle injury. These damages may include:

  • Hospital and physical therapy expenses.
  • Past and future lost wages at work.
  • All costs associated with a permanent physical disability such as a limp, scars, loss of a limb, or loss of mobility.
  • Emotional anguish, such as depression and anxiety. Money to pay for counseling.
  • The hardship of dealing with constant physical pain.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. The difficult period while riders can’t get back on their bikes.
  • Money for a new motorcycle.

Contact a Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists are owed care and caution from other motorists no matter if they encounter each other on a street, a road, or a highway. When a careless mistake by a driver leaves a motorcyclist with serious injuries or claims a life, insurance companies should be held accountable.

Victims and families can contact Maison Law of Bakersfield for a free case evaluation and some guidance to help avoid the pitfalls of dealing with insurance firms only interested in the bottom line. The evaluation is confidential and comes with no obligation. If you hire Maison Law to take up your case you won’t pay a dime unless we win your case.

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