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How to Get an Accident Report from the Kern County Sheriff’s Department

A frightening traffic collision on a rural Kern County road or a busy street in Bakersfield can leave you with a heavily damaged car. It may also cause you or a family member a serious injury. You can ask an at-fault driver’s car insurance company for help, but the insurer will probably want proof of what happened and who caused the accident.

A Kern County Car Accident Lawyer can help you secure the evidence you need, including a Kern County Sheriff’s Department accident report, to force an insurance provider to do what’s right. Maison Law offers a free case consultation to all Kern County victims. Contact us for a no-risk opportunity to find out what your accident claim may be worth.

Kern County Sheriff’s Department Accident Reports

You could be involved in a serious accident outside of the city limits of places like Bakersfield or Delano. Your accident may be out of the jurisdiction of the closest police department and in some cases, the California Highway Patrol may not be able to get to your crash site.

In these cases, it’s usually a Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy that will be responding to your accident scene. The deputy will be ensuring the safety of everyone involved and making sure injured victims get the care they need. Deputies also conduct an investigation into what happened and prepare a written car accident report that often includes their opinion on who was at fault.

You can use this collision report as evidence of your innocence when asking an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider for injury support and money to repair your damaged vehicle.

Requesting a Kern County Sheriff’s Department Accident Report

When you need a collision report to back up your accident claim, you can contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Department or visit the office in person.

You can print out an accident report request on their website. You can submit your request by mail, in person, or by email. For other questions call the Sheriff’s Department at (661) 391-7624.

Sheriff’s Office County of Kern

1350 Norris Road

Bakersfield, CA 93308

Remember that if you’ve hired a Kern County Car Accident Lawyer to handle your injury claim, you can count on your attorney to secure this report for you. If your crash only involved property damage, your car insurance representative might also request an accident report on your behalf.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Accident in Kern County?

For minor accidents involving just vehicle damage, you shouldn’t need a lawyer to get a settlement to pay your repair costs. But when accidents involve serious injuries, like a broken bone, to you or a loved one, it’s important to talk to an attorney about what happened.

Your injury could be worth more than you think. It may even require additional medical care in the future, but insurance companies won’t inform you of this. They can offer you only enough for the first visit to the emergency room and then close the book on your claim.

Don’t end up footing the bill for a major injury that you received through no fault of your own. ContactBakersfield Car Accident Lawyer serving all victims in Kern County to find out how we can help you during recovery.

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