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California USPS Dog Bite Statistics

California is the most populated state in the U.S. Our diversity and dedicated workforce allows us to lead the nation and the world in so many things. But sadly, our crowded streets and busy lifestyles leave those working in California at additional risk of accidents.

Delivery workers play a big role in the infrastructure that keeps California businesses and families up and running. USPS employees work day and night to keep our important letters and packages moving. As workers move quickly from home to home, they can face a danger that most people don’t think about. The threat of a dog bite.

USPS and its workers deal with thousands of frightening dog bite cases a year. Those accidents are tracked in every state each year, and sadly, California usually ranks at the top of the list for dog bite cases involving mail carriers.

Dog Attacks on USPS Carriers in California

The United States Postal Service (USPS) submits a discouraging report every year on the number of dog bite incidents their employees have reported the year before. Their most recent study made available in June of 2022, reported that over 5,400 of its employees were attacked by dogs in 2021.

Shockingly, this figure isn’t a real surprise. The number of yearly dog attacks on mail carriers stays fairly consistent. This is despite attempts to increase awareness through media campaigns. USPS employees suffer broken bones, tendon damage, and fall injuries due to dog bites and attacks each year.

This is a look at numbers from dog attacks on USPS workers across the nation over the past five years:


USPS Mail Carrier Dog Attack Victims in California

In USPS’ latest yearly update, California ranked well ahead of every other state for dog attacks on USPS workers. They nearly doubled Texas for bite incidents in 2021. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan rounded out the top five list.



When looking over the dog attack numbers for USPS workers over a 5-year-span, California is unchallenged for their top spot on the list. California dog attack incident totals have topped every other state each of the most recent years.



USPS Delivery Worker Dog Attacks in California Cities in 2021

Los Angeles, in particular, contributed to those elevated dog attack case numbers for California. L.A. made the USPS list of U.S. cities ranked worst for mail carrier safety from dog bites. Los Angeles placed fourth overall on the list with 44 attacks reported in 2021. San Diego almost made the top ten on the list and was ranked 11th with 31 attacks.



Los Angeles USPS dog attack figures have fallen slightly since a surge in 2019. The hope is that when 2022 numbers are counted they will continue the downward trend.

Here’s a look at Los Angeles mail carrier dog attack figures from the past five years:


How to Prevent Dog Attacks on California USPS Delivery Workers

It’s up to every California dog owner to do a better job of protecting the delivery personnel who supply our homes and businesses.

Dog owners may feel their dogs are friendly, but when pets see a mail carrier enter their property the sight can fuel protective instincts. That’s why with every dog the USPS asks that they be kept:

  • Inside the house or behind a fence;
  • Away from the door or in another room; or
  • On a leash.

USPS officials also warn that children accepting a package directly from USPS employees could trigger a dog to attack. They recommend that dog owners utilize “informed delivery” to get a preview of what’s coming in the mail each day. When they notice that a package will be delivered to the door, they’ll have a warning to keep a dog inside.

A Word About USPS Dog Bite Injuries in California…

California is a “strict dog bite liability.” This generally means that dog owners are held liable for any dog bite. USPS workers can file an injury claim against the dog’s owner’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. The claim seeks money to pay every medical bill the USPS employee receives and replaces the income and benefits a delivery worker loses while in recovery.

A California USPS dog bite lawyer works to collect evidence against a dog owner so that you can get the most out of any dog bite injury settlement. Please contact Maison Law for a free and confidential consultation of your case to find out how much you could earn. You won’t need any upfront money if you decide to hire us. We don’t get paid unless we win your dog bite case for you.

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