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Visalia Area Injury Consultations During Caronavirus & CA Stay at Home Order

California has issued a Stay at Home Order, and residents should be staying inside unless using an essential service.

However, residents of the Central Valley should know that we are still answering our phones here at Maison Law. Whether you are recovering from a previous accident or have been injured during the Coronavirus outbreak period, Maison Law is still available to assist you through free remote consultations.

You can call us 24/7 at (559) 396-3889.

When it comes to personal injury accidents, there are still injuries to treat, events to document, and paperwork to file. Missing deadlines and mismanaging evidence can destroy a personal injury case, so it is critical to continue the legal process regardless of additional complications.

While diligently practicing social distancing, Maison Law is providing free digital consultations and online support.  We will continue to serve Visalia and the surrounding communities through remote services to ensure our clients are educated and supported.



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