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Why Dog Attacks Should Be Reported

Man’s best friend is not always friendly to everyone. Dog attacks can occur that can cause serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, often dangerous dogs have a history of aggressive behavior. Dogs attacks, regardless of how severe, should be reported. By alerting authorities of all dog attacks, this can help protect others from similar attacks in the future.

Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. If a dog bites or attacks a person, the dog owner can be held liable for the damages and may face legal repercussions. Even if a dog attack does not cause serious injury, it is a sign that the dog may be dangerous. Reporting dog attacks can help identify and alert the owner and involve the authorities. This can help prevent further attacks or help victims of future attacks seek justice.

Seeking Compensation for Dog Attacks

If you or a family member is seriously injured in a dog attack, you can seek a claim against the dog’s owner for compensation. Dog attack injuries can require extensive medical care, resulting in expensive medical bills, lost income and other expenses. While dog owners are generally responsible for injuries caused by their pet, if there have been previous dog attacks reported about dogs having the same owner, it can help prove liability in a personal injury claim.

In many cases, dangerous dogs are a result of irresponsible owners. They may not ensure their dogs are kept restrained or fail to warn others that dogs on their property may be dangerous. Reporting any dog attacks helps create a public record of problems involving irresponsible dog owners or dangerous dogs. This can protect others from injury and help identify a pattern of unsafe behavior by a particular dog or owner.

If you or a family member have been seriously injured in a dog attack, contact our legal team at Maison Law. Dog owners can be liable for injuries caused by dog attacks under premises liability laws. Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your injury claim – we offer free consultations at our office in Visalia.


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