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Premises Liability in Turlock

There are plenty of stores and restaurants that plead for your business around Turlock.  These business owners want you to frequent their places of business, but they owe you more.  They owe you a safe experience every time you walk through their doors.

Accident Hazards in the Aisles

If you endure a fall or another type of accident on someone else’s property you may find yourself with painful injuries and mounting medical bills due. You may not have to pay for your recovery yourself thanks to the concept of Premises Liability. Premises Liability Laws cover injuries you can get while walking the aisles of a store or while eating out, but they protect you in many other situations too.  They can apply anytime you are on someone else’s property and you suffer an injury.

Proving Negligence on the Part of a Property Owner

When holding a property owner or even someone leasing the property responsible for your injury or a loved one’s injury you must first prove negligence. The owner must be guilty of knowing about the problem or threat that led to your accident. Perhaps he or she had been alerted to a slick spot on the floor or a malfunctioning escalator.  That owner is negligent if the problem isn’t fixed in a reasonable amount of time. California holds anyone who owns property or oversees the property to a “duty of care” standard.  Owners are required to inspect the premises regularly and make necessary repairs.  They are also compelled to warn anyone on the property about known hazards. You may have been injured on someone’s property, but that’s not always a justification for a claim.  A location may have presented certain dangers, but if the owner can prove he didn’t know about the dangers or didn’t have adequate time to fix the problems, he or she may not be ruled responsible.

Common Examples of Premises Liability

There are any number of ways you can be injured when you’re out and about.  Even clean and well-maintained properties like a Target Store or an Applebees can pose unexpected hazards. Gas stations, flea markets, and other small businesses can also present a risk for injury. Personal injuries can fall under premises liability in many instances including:
  • Slip and fall – Spills need to be moped up quickly. Wet Floor signs need to be out.
  • Failure to clear ice and snow – Leading to a fall or a vehicle accident.
  • Failure to maintain premises – This can include parking lots, doorways, flooring, carpet, and bathrooms.
  • A lapse in the security — Leading to you becoming the victim of a crime.
  • Dog bites –The owner may have known that a dog on property was aggressive.
  • Amusement park and water park accidents – The rides are inspected and still people can get injured.
  • Toxic fumes or chemicals exposure – A risk anywhere heavy cleaners and solvents are used.

Personal Injury Accident Insurance

Residential and commercial property owners should carry premises liability insurance to cover injuries that occur due to hazardous conditions. If you sustain a serious injury due to an accident that was caused by negligence by a property owner, it is important to have legal assistance to file a claim. There can many parties at fault in these cases.  Property owners, renters, and those leasing property can be liable for preventable injuries. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can ensure you have legal help to fight for your claim.

Contact a Turlock Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident involving a serious injury on someone else’s property in the Central Valley, contact attorney Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every client should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and personalized attention to detail their case deserves.

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