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Accidents at Intersections in Turlock

Pulling up to a Turlock intersection can prove scary for careful motorists who just want to travel through safely. Confused drivers can approach that intersection at the same moment and be unsure about what lane they should be in, what light to follow, and who has the right-of-way. Suddenly, they just go for it and force you into an unavoidable collision.

The attorneys with Maison Law in Turlock deal with accidents caused by bad drivers all day long. If you become the victim of someone’s careless moves at an intersection we want to protect your rights. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t suffer the financial consequences of recovery. Allow us to represent your case and hold that driver and his or her insurance company completely responsible for every expense you endure after an accident. Contact our office for a free consultation on your best options.

Accident Hazards at Turlock Intersections

In 2019, Turlock recorded 396 accidents on local roads and highways. Of those collisions, 190 took place at intersections and that’s almost 50% of the total.  Those intersection collisions accounted for 312 injuries and a tragic five people killed across Turlock.

It makes sense that intersections would be a common spot for accidents. Careless drivers who can easily cause an accident on a simple straightaway are suddenly brought together with traffic from several directions and must keep track of turn lanes, traffic lights, and people in crosswalks. The degree of concentration needed to safely navigate it all can go up considerably. Then consider that many drivers will be distracted by their phones, or anything else, and only be half paying attention and you see why intersection accidents are so common.

Traffic Studies show that around 22% of intersection crashes occur while someone is trying to make a left turn. These turns require the driver to monitor the most factors before starting the maneuver, creating the opportunity for more errors in judgment to be made. Left turns also take the longest time to complete, using a wide-arc and crossing several lanes of traffic in the process.

Crossing through, or going straight, in an intersection usually involves the most speed of all intersection accidents. These incidents make up nearly 13% of intersection collisions. Right-hand turns end up causing around 1% of collisions in intersections.

Insurance Unfair Treatment of Accident Victims

When another driver clearly makes a mistake and sends you into a serious crash you’d think getting help with your medical care and lost wages from missed time at work would be the easiest part of the accident process. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always see it that way.

Even if investigators point to their policyholder as the at-fault driver, insurance agents can use several tricks-of-the-trade to point the finger at you, the victim. You can be trying to recover from a painful injury and worried over your mounting bills and an insurance company can see it all as an opportunity to take advantage.

While you are vulnerable and perhaps facing financial ruin, they can act in bad faith and even try to stall your claim for damages. They are hoping you become desperate enough to accept anything they offer.

These are just some of the tactics they may try:

  • Stalling on your claim – The insurance company may purposely wait to even take a look at your claim. They figure the longer you wait, the more discouraged you may become and the more likely you’ll be to accept reduced compensation.
  • Denying a claim – Adjusters may deny a claim without even investigating it. It may be a test to see if you’ll give up easily. They can also use the fine print on an auto insurance policy to wrongfully deny your claim, hoping you don’t have the expertise to understand the terms yourself.
  • Lowball Offers – After making you wait, they may feel it’s time to present you with an unfair offer. They hope at this point you’ll be desperate enough to take anything. They also hope you don’t have an attorney on your side advising you about lowball offers.
  • Refuse to settle over a claim – The majority of claims end in a settlement agreement with the insurance company. But sometimes insurance companies refuse to settle on a perfectly fair claim hoping you won’t be willing to take them to court over your pain and suffering. An attorney working for you will always seek to settle out of court for you, but at the same time, they’ll be gathering evidence in case a civil trial becomes necessary.

Contact a Turlock Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of a careless driver it can be important to act quickly. In California, victims of personal injury are allowed up to two years to file a claim for damages. That may seem like you have a long time, but the sooner you move forward with a civil lawsuit the easier it will be to collect evidence, get copies of documents, and round-up witnesses. Our experienced attorneys will take the lead on investigating every aspect of your accident, including the at-fault driver’s records to build a strong case.

After an accident involving a serious injury, contact a Turlock car accident lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every client should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and personalized attention to detail their case deserves.

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