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Head-On Collisions in Turlock

The dangers of a head-on crash can be most easily seen in the terrible wreckage left behind. At high speeds, front ends can be nearly obliterated, doors can be blown away and windshields shattered. And the physical damage to the car is always secondary to the scary consequences possible for anyone inside the cars.

If you are the victim when a careless driver’s mistake ends in a head-on collision, talk to a Turlock Car Accident Attorney. Martin Gasparian with Maison Law represents Central Valley accident victims who have been seriously injured in accidents. He will fight for the rights of victims who have been left to worry over hospital bills and cost of living expenses, all from an accident they weren’t to blame for. The at-fault drivers and their insurance companies should be the ones to worry about these costs.

At Maison Law, we will demand fair compensation that sees you through your recovery and beyond. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation over your accident.

Head-On Accident Dangers around Turlock

Anytime you travel a road with two or more lanes and oncoming traffic you are at risk of one of the most dangerous collision angles possible between vehicles. A careless driver can suddenly lose control and swerve across a double yellow line or even a median to strike you head-on. The blunt force involved in the crash can be doubled. These collisions carry potentially deadly force because the momentum of both vehicles is carried into the impact.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that 57% of fatalities in car accidents across the U.S. in 2018 were attributed to head-on crashes. The rates for deaths recorded for occupants of trucks and SUVs in accidents were almost identical.

Local numbers also show how devastating frontal impacts between vehicles can be. Stanislaus County reported 212 accidents involving a head-on collision in 2019. Those accidents led to 8 tragic deaths and left 386 people with injuries.

Common Injuries in Head-On Collisions

Injuries in these frightening impacts can be severe. An airbag’s main purpose is to protect occupants during a frontal impact, but even an impact with an airbag with extreme force can leave you and others hurt. What’s more, people sitting in the back seat usually don’t have airbags and can suffer even more devastating blows.

Cars can be crushed, leaving hurting victims stuck inside until they can be extricated. The possibility of unrestrained victims being thrown from the car is another scary outcome that can lead to massive trauma.

These are just some of the other possible consequences of a frontal impact:

  • Brain and Head Injuries: The head can be first to impact a steering wheel, dash, or the seat in front of you. That blow can lead to severe concussions, brain hemorrhaging, and skull fractures. Permanent brain damage can remove your memories.
  • Internal organ and soft tissue damage: Organs and the soft tissue that holds them in place can take damage from the blunt force of an impact or from a puncture wound. The spleen, liver, bowel, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas are all commonly damaged in extreme collisions.
  • Fractured Bones: Bones can shatter in the forces exerted. A break can be so severe an amputation can be necessary.
  • Permanent disfigurement and permanent disability: A loss of control of all four limbs can result. A wheelchair and other medical devices may be needed to regain some form of mobility. The face can take the brunt of a collision and be left scarred. Bones in the face can break, including a jaw fracture that can leave you unable to communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file my injury claim over a head-on collision?

2 Years.

In California, those hurt in head-on collisions have up to two years from the date of the accident to file a civil lawsuit.

This claim would target the insurance company of the at-fault driver. You may have years to file, but it’s best to move your claim forward as soon as you are ready. In the weeks after an accident, evidence and documents will be easier to collect. Witnesses may be harder to locate the longer you wait. It’s also better to get your claim on an insurance adjuster’s desk as soon as possible in case the insurance companies try to stall hoping you’ll become more desperate and accept a lowball offer. An attorney can help guide the process to benefit you the most.

How much is my head-on accident injury case worth?

It is impossible to tell how much compensation will be awarded in an injury claim, but with the severe injuries often associated with head-on collisions, awards can be higher than normal cases. Insurance policies also have upper limits that can cap how much you may earn. An attorney can make sure your claim asks for compensation for every hardship you’ve endured and that may include factors you hadn’t considered.

What sort of hardships can I get compensation for?

Compensation for your medical costs and your lost hours from missing time at work will be large parts of your award.  Your attorney can make sure you have the money you’ll need to pay for any necessary surgery or medical care needed in the future. Travel costs collected as you drive to see specialists, get second opinions, and meet with legal counsel can also be reimbursed. The extreme physical and emotional pain since the accident you’ve been through may also be considered.

Contact a Turlock Car Accident Attorney

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