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Santa Maria Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons why motorcycling in and around Santa Maria and Santa Barbara County is so enjoyable. One of them is some of the best weather in the continental United States, ideal for going for a motorcycle ride. Unlike other motor vehicles, there isn’t a steel protective barrier around motorcycles, and they have no seat belts or airbags to protect them either. Even at low speeds, injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be severe.

After being the victim of a motorcycle accident that was caused by somebody else, you’ll want to speak with Santa Maria motorcycle accident lawyer Martin Gasparian at Maison Law about obtaining compensation for your injuries and damages.

Motorcycle Accidents in Santa Maria

Although motorcycles have greater maneuverability and are able to stop faster than passenger cars, they’re no match for a passenger car when a driver isn’t paying attention. It’s not unusual for the driver of a vehicle that caused a motorcycle accident to remark that he or she either never saw the motorcycle, or it wasn’t seen until it was too late. Here are some common types of motorcycle accidents in and around Santa Maria:

  • Left-turn accidents when a motorist turns left in front of a motorcycle at an intersection when the motorcyclist is traveling straight ahead.
  • Right turns when a motorist turns right from a side street or alley into the front or side of a motorcycle.
  • Lane changes when a is unaware of the fact that a motorcycle was in the lane next to him or her.
  • Lane splitting crashes when other vehicles that are stopped or slowed down don’t realize that a legal lane splitting motorcycle is approaching them or next to them.
  • Rear-end accidents when a motorist fails to maintain a proper interval between his or her vehicle and a motorcycle ahead.
  • When a driver fails to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist at a stop sign or red light.
  • When drivers are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Given their lack of protection, injuries to motorcyclists who are in an accident are usually serious, even at relatively low speeds. Here are some common types of motorcycle accident injuries:

  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Lower extremity fractures and injuries.
  • Hip fractures.
  • Damage to internal organs.
  • Arm and shoulder fractures.
  • Road rash with infection.

Motorcyclists v. Insurance Companies

The insurance industry looks at motorcyclists as risk-taking and irresponsibly reckless. Nearly all motorcyclists are quite the opposite. They’re well aware of the extent of the injuries that they might suffer as a result of an accident, so they drive carefully and defensively. The insurance industry wants to perpetuate that negative stereotype all the way into a courtroom. At Maison Law, we begin breaking down that bias as soon as we’re retained in a motorcycle accident case. You deserve to be treated with respect and receive the full settlement or award that you are owed.

Contact a Santa Maria Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After being injured in any motorcycle accident in or around Santa Maria, don’t give the opposing insurer any type of a statement, no matter how it might try to intimidate you. California law doesn’t require you to give it any kind of a statement. Contact our Santa Maria motorcycle accident lawyer at Maison Law instead, and you can arrange for a free confidential consultation and case review. You can tell us about how your accident occurred and how your injuries have affected you and your family. We are happy to answer any questions you have and we’ll advise you on your full range of legal options. If we’re retained to represent you, our goal will be to obtain the maximum settlement or award that you deserve.

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