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Vertebral fractures are painful and debilitating, and they’re often the result of trauma suffered in personal injury accidents. If you or a family member suffered one or more vertebral fractures in a California accident, contact a California personal injury law firm.

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Common Causes and Types of Vertebral Fractures

According to Penn Medicine, most vertebral fractures are caused by high velocity impacts from auto accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls and falls from heights. Some vertebral fractures can be treated with rest and medication, but more serious fractures require surgery. If left untreated, serious vertebral fractures can cause permanent nerve or even spinal cord damage. There are three types of vertebral fractures that consist of the following:

  • Compression Fracture: These occur when the front of a vertebral body collapses. Compression fractures might be the most common vertebral fracture.
  • Axial Burst Fracture: This is a type of a compression fracture, but the vertebra is crushed in all directions. Axial burst fractures might be the most dangerous type of vertebral fracture because of the possibility of spinal cord involvement.
  • Chance Fracture: This fracture is also known as a flexion-distraction fracture. It’s caused when a vertebra is pulled apart as a result of a forceful and violent forward flex injury. These are often caused by car accidents.

Diagnosing a Vertebral Fracture

After taking a medical history, you’ll be examined by a physician. He or she will test for tenderness and pain at specific vertebral levels of the spine. If a fracture is suspected, x-rays, a CT scan or both will be ordered for purposes of confirming a fracture.

Surgical Treatment of Vertebral Fractures

As per the Cleveland Clinic, most vertebral fractures are treated b immobilization with a brace or corset for a few months. This will take pressure off of the affected area of the spine, reduce pain and prevent spinal deformity. In more serious cases that require surgery, the clinic has had remarkable success with two different procedures known as vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. Vertebroplasty is being used to treat compression fractures. In this procedure, bone cement is injected into the fractured vertebra. When hardens, it strengthens the spinal column. With kyphoplasty, a cavity is made in the fracture bone, and that’s also filled with bone cement that seals off cracks. For severe fractures, the vertebra can be removed and replaced with surgical hardware.


Like most broken bones, there is likely to be residual pain and discomfort from a vertebral fracture. In the context of surgery, it might not relieve you of all of the pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, the only way to ascertain whether a surgery will be 100% successful with any degree of certainty is to go ahead with the procedure and see how you heal. Take note that any degree of permanency of your injury can be included as an element of your damages in any personal injury claim or lawsuit that we might file on your behalf.

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