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How Can I Get the Most Out of My Eye Injury Claim?

A scary collision on a California freeway or boulevard will often cause serious and long-lasting injuries for victims. A fall in a grocery store might also cause a severe injury. We think about broken bones or neck and head injuries, but other parts of the body are extremely vulnerable.

The eyes are a delicate and vital part of our bodies that could sustain major damage in an accident. Our ability to see might be threatened and a permanent disfigurement could change our appearance.

Earning the right amount of financial support from an at-fault driver or property owner is crucial to restoring the lives of eye injury victims. Victims must get the most out of an eye injury insurance claim or risk facing the costs of a full recovery alone.

Eye Injury Accident Dangers in California

The eyes and the orbital bones that surround them are vulnerable in the force of a car collision on a California freeway. This damage commonly comes from the victim’s impact with a steering wheel, car dash, or seat. Broken glass also often plays a factor in eye injuries.

A slip-and-fall or a trip-and-fall at a store or other place of business can also cause a laceration to the eye. A fall forward puts the entire face at risk of injury and a property owner would need to be held liable. A harmful substance left out at a place of business, a public building, or a workplace might end up in a victim’s eye and leave permanent chemical burn damage.

These are all instances that could have been prevented by a little extra caution. A careless driver is responsible for the cost of an eye injury recovery after a traffic impact. A property owner, business owner, or an employer is responsible when a hazard is not cleaned up or repaired before someone can suffer an eye injury accident.

These parties and their insurance companies are liable, but it’s often up to a California Eye Injury Lawyer to make sure victims receive all of the financial support needed for recovery. Victims should take advantage of a free consultation with Maison Law of California. It’s a no-risk way for victims to determine what they should demand in compensation.

California Eye Injury Recovery and Expense

Securing proper financial support for your eye injury is absolutely vital to your health and wellbeing. A traumatic eye injury can be life-changing and result in serious complications. You should never have to take your focus off of healing to face enormous hospital and doctor bills.  These worries should be the responsibility of the insurance provider for at-fault parties.

A corneal abrasion might just involve a scratch. These injuries often heal within a few days or a couple of weeks. However, a more serious injury such as a globe rupture, a retinal detachment, or an orbital bone fracture may require weeks or months of care and surgery.

This treatment may cost tens of thousands of dollars. This doesn’t factor in the ongoing care perhaps necessary with a permanent disability. These potential long-term expenses are the biggest reason it’s so critical that you maximize the compensation you receive after an eye injury.

Getting the Maximum Compensation After A California Eye Injury

Securing every piece of evidence possible for your injury case is a key component to securing the most financial support possible after taking damage to your eye.

Contact 911 after you’ve been hurt. Let paramedics check out your eye and any other pain you have. Then, if you are feeling up to it, you should get photos of the scene. Show the obstacle that caused your accident. In a car accident, show all damage to cars, all visible injuries, and show all relevant lane markings and traffic signs.

If you were harmed in a place of business or your workplace, alert your managers. Allow them to write up an incident report. Make sure you have contact information from all witnesses.

See your own doctor after the accident. Get a full checkup and follow all of your doctor’s recommendations.

Securing Eye Accident Compensation for Every Hardship You Face

One important step in your California eye injury case will be compiling a list of your recovery hardships and potential difficulties to come.

This is key, especially for eye injury victims. Anything not on this list can become your bill to pay. With eye injuries, the harm can be especially devastating and vision damage often can’t be reversed. This type of prognosis would likely result in a permanent disability.

Your California Traumatic Injury Lawyer would work with you to estimate the future costs you faced when your vision isn’t expected to be restored in full.

A physical disability factors in the lifetime of medical care you or a loved one may need. Your ability to earn a living must also be considered. These are just a few of the concerns that factor into a debilitating eye injury.

  • Medical Expenses. Now and those expected in the future.
  • Rehabilitation. Victims with serious eye injuries often require physical therapy to correct or learn how to live with a disability.
  • Home Renovation and Medical Equipment. Therapy continues once the patient is able to return home. Changes to the home could be necessary to give patients the best chance at resuming their lifestyles. Routine medical equipment replacement could also be a monthly or yearly cost.
  • Career Training – An eye injury might leave the victim unable to perform previous job duties. Retraining or college courses may be needed to obtain a new career. If a personal injury victim can’t perform any job, then an insurance company may be required to provide a lifetime of financial support.
  • Permanent disfigurement therapy. Eye injury patients may need to consult a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to restore their appearance to what it once was.

Even if an eye doctor believes your eye injury will eventually heal, you will still be in need of financial support. Your emergency room and hospital bills should all be covered in full by an at-fault party’s insurer.

With any eye injury, you could deal with intense pain. You may also have to cope with blurry or obstructed vision that won’t allow you to go to work for an extended period. The lost wages that result should be the responsibility of the insurance company.

The physical pain you experience and the mental trauma you endure must also be compensated. You could experience a loss of enjoyment of life while without the gift of sight. You may also have to miss out on family activities while in recovery.

Contact a California Eye Injury Lawyer

The best way to make sure you receive the support you need after an eye injury accident is to speak with a skilled California Eye Injury Lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will know how to avoid insurance tactics meant to limit the compensation you receive.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, offers a free case evaluation to all eye injury victims. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your injury is worth and how to make sure you get the most out of your eye injury insurance claim. Contact Mr. Gasparian to schedule a no-obligation consultation and talk to a real attorney today.

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