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Should I Call an Injury Lawyer if I Have a Broken Toe?

We really don’t think about them, but we use our toes to walk with every step we take. After breaking a toe anywhere in California through the fault of somebody else, the next step that you should take is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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Common Causes of a Broken Toe

A wide variety of accidents can cause a broken toe. Here are a few of those causes:

  • Stubbing a toe on a piece of furniture or a wall.
  • Tripping and falling.
  • Something is dropped on your toe.
  • When something runs over your toe.
  • Sports injuries or stress fractures.

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

Broken toes are the most common type of foot fracture. Some symptoms of a fractured toe follow:

  • Throbbing pain accompanied by discoloration, bruising or bleeding.
  • Difficulty walking or even maintaining balance.

Treatment of a Broken Toe

Most of the time, a broken toe isn’t even x-rayed. Treatment most likely will involve rest, ice, and taping the broken toe to a toe next to it. Sometimes, a cast might be applied or special stiff-soled shoes might be recommended. Surgery might be recommended in a minority of toe fractures.

Treatment of Big Toe Fractures

As per the American Academy of Family Physicians, routine fractures of the big toe are treated with a short walking boot and toe plate or cast for two to three weeks. A stiff-soled shoe is then recommended for another three to four weeks. A broken big toe is also a common sports injury that is commonly referred to as turf toe. Ligament damage might also occur with the injury. Turf toe is common with football players who push off of the big toe when making quick and explosive movements. Most players are sidelined with a walking boot or cast for rest and therapy.

Why Should I Even See a Doctor for a Broken Toe?

The fact that you can walk doesn’t mean that you don’t have a broken toe. You could have a bigger problem like osteoarthritis if you don’t get examined and treated. From a personal injury standpoint, seeing a doctor right after a suspected toe fracture reduces the possibility that an adverse insurer will question whether you hurt your toe somewhere else.

Broken Toe? Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer.

If you believe that you suffered one or more broken toes in an accident, you should be seen in an emergency room right away. Then, follow the doctor’s advice. If left untreated, a fractured toe can result in permanent restricted movement and pain. You shouldn’t have to be responsible for costly medical bills and miss work because somebody else wasn’t paying attention. California holds negligent people who cause injury to others liable for damages. Contact us at Maison Law for a free consultation and case review right away after suffering a toe fracture. Your questions will be answered accurately, and you’ll be advised of all of your legal alternatives.

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