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How Can I Get The Most Out of My Broken Arm Claim?

The effects of a broken arm in a car accident, a mishap at work, or a slip-and-fall at a business can last much longer than just the time you have a cast on. Complications with resetting a bone, and the changes to the way you enjoy hobbies and family activities can have far-reaching consequences.

A fractured arm healing normally can leave you unable to work for two months or more. These hardships can linger far after a settlement check has run out.

When an at-fault party’s negligence is responsible for your arm injury, you’ll have one chance to secure the compensation you’ll need now and possibly in the future. A California Broken Arm Injury Lawyer protects you during settlement negotiations to make sure you and your family receive everything you need. Contact Maison Law to schedule a consultation and find out what your broken arm is worth.

Broken Arm Dangers in California Accidents

Fractured arms are a common outcome for victims in car accidents. Shoppers in a store can also break a wrist or hand while trying to catch themselves in a dangerous slip-and-fall incident. Someone on a construction site or working on a farm might take a tumble and land on an elbow.

It can take a routine broken arm around 6 to 8 weeks to heal. However, victims may be without full strength in their arms for up to two years.

These estimates are, of course, dependent on fractured bones without complications. Arm, wrist, and hand bones can heal wrong and have to be rebroken and set right. This could require surgery. A bone infection may threaten the life of the patient if a bone has been exposed to the air after breaking the skin. In severe cases, an arm may have to be surgically removed.

These are serious consequences, and the cost of care should lie with every at-fault party that has a part in causing an accident. The negligence of a reckless driver or a store operator can make them liable for every physical, emotional, and financial cost of recovery. The driver’s car insurance or the grocery store chain’s liability insurance must be called upon.

What Not to Say After an Accident to Protect Your Broken Arm Claim

On the scene of an accident and on the phone with insurance representatives, there will be key things you’ll want to avoid saying. Insurance companies are looking for any reason they can to wriggle out of having to support you as you recover.

These are just a few of the statements to steer clear of in the aftermath of a personal injury accident:

  • Don’t say “my bad.” Admitting any kind of fault in your accident could cause you to lose out on valuable injury support. In the aftermath of an accident, you may not know who was to blame for what happened. On the scene, don’t accept fault or talk about who might be to blame with anyone else involved in the accident. These statements can be turned around on you later as proof you were to blame, even when you weren’t.
  • Don’t say you are “okay.” Saying you aren’t hurt after a car crash or a fall at a Target or Walmart is a bad idea. The fact is, the shock of what’s happened may be masking your pain. You may wake up the next morning in intense pain and have a doctor find you’ve got a fractured arm or wrist. In some cases, victims can still use their arms while not knowing they’ve broken a bone. Don’t discuss your injuries with other parties involved with your accident and don’t speculate on how severely you’re hurt.
  • Don’t give statements to insurance representatives. Insurance adjusters will be calling you in the days after your accident. They’ll be asking how you are doing, but their real purpose is to get you to consent to making a recorded statement. They are fishing for a statement from you they can twist later to downplay your injuries or your innocence. Decline this request for a statement. Give them only basic information and then refer them to your California Traumatic Injury Lawyer.

Other Keys to Getting the Most Out of your Fractured Arm Injury Claim

There are some important moves to make in the moments after your accident to ensure your claim is backed by powerful evidence. First, call 911 if you are hurt or if you’ve been in a car accident, no matter how minor.

If your arm will allow, you should use your phone to take pictures of the scene and any visible injuries. After a fall, show the obstacle that caused you to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall. That obstacle or hazard will likely be removed the second you leave. Talk to witnesses and find out how to reach them later.

It’s also important to get checked out by your own doctor later. An arm injury may not produce pain until the next morning after the shock and adrenaline have worn off. Follow every recommendation the doctor gives you, such as seeing a specialist or physical therapist. Save all medical invoices.

Save paystubs so you can clearly demonstrate the income you’ve had to forfeit while missing work during recovery. All of these small details help strengthen your case and leave an insurance company little room to deny or reduce your compensation.

Consult with a California Personal Injury Lawyer

Trusting your case to a skilled California Broken Arm Injury Lawyer may be the most important factor in determining the amount you’ll see on a settlement check. Your lawyer will investigate your accident and may find there is more than one party that should be providing financial support for your recovery. Your attorney will also make sure you don’t accept a “lowball settlement offer.” These unfair offers are rejected and your attorney fights for more for you and your family.

There’s an easy, no-risk way to determine just what your case is worth. Contact Martin Gasparian to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Mr. Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, offers a free case evaluation for all victims suffering broken arms. If you feel Maison Law can help you earn the maximum compensation available for your injury, you won’t need any money upfront. Mr. Gasparian doesn’t get paid unless he wins your case.

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