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Should I Call an Injury Lawyer if an Ankle Surgery is Required?

Most ankle fractures are serious injuries that require surgery and affect a victim for life. After suffering an ankle fracture anywhere in California, you’ll want to preserve and protect your rights, so speak with an experienced and trusted California personal injury lawyer.

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The Bones of the Ankle

The human ankle consists of three bones. Those are the tibia or shinbone, the fibula on the outside of the tibia and the talus that that the tibia and fibula fit into to form the ankle joint. They help support us when we stand, walk or when we’re out jogging. We take our ankles for granted until we suffer an ankle sprain or fracture. It’s then that we realize how much we depend on them.

Symptoms and Common Causes of Ankle Fractures

Symptoms of an ankle fracture include immediate throbbing pain and swelling, bruising and the inability to bear one’s own weight or walk. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon most ankle fractures are the result of a twisting or rolling injury. They might also be caused by blunt force trauma, especially in contact sports. The most common causes of such fractures are slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls, missteps, especially on stairs, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents.

Types of Ankle Fractures

There are a variety of types of ankle fractures, the most common of which is at the bottom of the fibula. A fractured tibia is less common but not unusual. Sometimes, both the bottom of the fibula and the bottom of the tibia are both fractured. A fractured talus is another common fracture. Given the fact that the talus is the primary connector between the foot and the leg, a fracture of this bone can result in substantial loss of range of motion and overall functionality of the ankle.

Diagnosing an Ankle Fracture

Most ankle fractures are diagnosed in an emergency room setting. After taking a medical history and examining the patient’s ankle, foot and lower leg, imaging tests will be ordered. Those might consist of the following:

  • X-rays.
  • CT scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose any ligament damage.

The Orthopedic Surgeon

Most victims of ankle injuries are discharged from the emergency room with their ankle immobilized and instructions to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon right away. That doctor will be the individual who will decide whether surgery will be recommended. Many ankle fractures can be treated without surgery.


Even if surgery isn’t required for an ankle fracture, permanency in the form of arthritis might begin to develop. You’ll need to advise your doctor as soon as you think that you feel it. There’s a higher chance of permanent arthritic changes, pain and decreased range of motion from implanted surgical hardware. Any resulting permanency from an ankle fracture can be an element of damages in a personal injury case.

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