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Waterpark Accidents And California Personal Injury Claims

California provides plenty of sunny days for enjoying the state’s best water parks. Whether it’s a trip to Island Water Park in Fresno, Raging Waters Los Angeles or San Jose, water-based amusement parks are a sure way to beat the heat.

Unfortunately, with so many visitors and the profits they take in, water park owners and operators bear a tremendous responsibility to keep ticketholders safe and sound. When they begin to neglect this duty to keep people safe on a waterslide or on a lazy river pool, waterpark companies are fully responsible for the painful injuries that result.

Contact a California Waterpark Injury Lawyer

An injury at a waterpark suffered by you or your child is a prime chance for insurance companies and corporate lawyers to take advantage of a difficult situation.

They may quickly offer you a settlement that only covers the bills for a single night in an emergency room. The physical therapy you or your child require along with any injury relapse costs could be left for you to pay. A skilled California water park attorney makes sure your family gets full compensation for expenses now and those that will arise in the future.

Contact Maison Law of California for a free and confidential consultation. You’ll get an honest appraisal of your case and find out how to avoid corporate insurance tactics meant to rob you of support. If you decide we can help you maximize your waterpark injury settlement amount, you don’t need to bring any money with you. Maison Law does not get paid unless we win your case for your family.

Who Is Responsible for your Waterpark Injury?

Any waterpark corporate owner and operator owes customers a “duty of care.” This legal duty extends from the parking lot, throughout snack shops, up and down stairs, and across every pool and water attraction. When operators and park employees at places like Knott’s Soak City or LEGOLAND California Water Park neglect this duty, and you or a family member are hurt, filing a claim is a way to make sure you receive support that’s only fair.

Park owners are responsible for your safety through every phase of your day. When a lifeguard becomes distracted or a ride engineer forgets to inspect a key safety component on a pool pump and a victim is hurt, owners and operators are liable. In some cases, a design flaw on a waterslide or a wave pool might also make a ride manufacturer accountable in your case, allowing you to seek compensation from more than one party.

A California Theme Park Injury Lawyer investigates your case to identify every at-fault party that may have to provide your family with compensation. A waterpark injury claim targeting several parties gives your family the best chance to secure a settlement that covers every cost of recovery.

California Waterpark Hazards

On the hottest days, there may be crowds of people all seeking to cool off at the local waterpark. Park owners will want to take the money of each and every visitor, but parks should only allow as many people in as they can keep safe. They must have the proper size staff to monitor and ensure the safety of each waterslide thrill seeker, especially at waterparks the size of a place like the Bay Area’s Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

These are some of the most common and frightening waterpark injury cases we help California clients with:

  • Water Slide and Attraction Accidents – Parkgoers can collide with other people on slides and in pools. They can be cut by poorly maintained surfaces. They may fall while climbing stairs. A serious injury may occur in a wave pool or near a drain.
  • Waterpark Employee Negligence – Corporate park owners are required to do background checks on any hire. They must properly train workers and lifeguards. They must also supervise their workers and managers to ensure safe practices are followed every day.
  • Chemical Burns – A mistake in the amount of chlorine used in pools could subject a child’s delicate skin or eyes to a chemical burn. The eyes and lungs are also vulnerable if chemical fumes are inhaled or swallowed. Any other powerful cleaning agent or machine emission that harms you or a family member could result in a successful lawsuit.
  • Drowning – In the most tragic cases, a family member could be allowed to remain underwater too long. Lifeguards are supposed to be watching everyone at all times, but they can become distracted and careless. If riders on a slide collide and someone is knocked unconscious, victims could be unable to swim to the surface. Young children are also at extreme risk of drowning, even in just a few inches of water.
  • Slip-and-Fall Injuries – Pool water will sit on cement, on steps, and on locker room floors. This excess water must be controlled so that ticketholders don’t slip and break a wrist, an ankle, or a hip. Children will be spilling drinks and dropping food all day long. It’s up to waterpark employees to monitor for these hazards and remove them in a reasonable amount of time to prevent someone from falling and suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • Food poisoning – Unclean kitchens and food left sitting too long might make someone very sick. People with underlying conditions could face serious health consequences after food poisoning.
  • Viruses and Disease – Waterparks must make sure pool water doesn’t become contaminated and infect visitors with a dangerous virus. Locker rooms must be sanitized to cut down on the transmission of any diseases other parkgoers bring into the park.

Compensation Available After a Waterpark Injury

One common way personal injury victims throw away valuable benefits after an accident is to leave off important hardships they’ve suffered when they file an insurance claim. Every damage for victims, like hospital bills and lost paychecks, must be well-documented and submitted to a waterpark insurance adjuster.

Only hardships submitted in an insurance claim are eligible to earn compensation in a waterpark injury settlement.

These factors and others will all determine the size of your waterpark injury settlement check:


  • All hospital and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Lifetime estimated costs associated with a permanent physical disability suffered in a waterpark accident.
  • Support for young victims. Children injured in a waterpark mishap will need support to pay for immediate care. They could also need compensation provided for future medical complications with growth and development that an injury causes.
  • Wrongful death benefits. After a family has lost a loved one in a tragic waterpark accident, they may seek financial assistance through a wrongful death claim. This claim can pay for the funeral costs and leftover medical expenses a victim leaves behind. A claim would also ask for support for the future when a family will be without the love and financial support the deceased would have provided.
  • Physical pain endured by the victim.
  • Emotional pain endured by the victim. This can include a difficult recovery when the victim can’t participate in family activities or enjoy hobbies. A victim may not be able to return to a waterpark for a prolonged period. Anxiety and depression often result.
  • Earnings and benefits lost while missing work during your own recovery or while assisting your own child in getting to doctor’s appointments. Keeping paystubs can show the full extent of your losses.

Contact a California Waterpark Accident Lawyer

Contact a skilled California waterpark accident lawyer as soon as possible for a free case consultation. It’s an important, no-risk step in learning what your family should be demanding from a theme park and their insurance providers.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, wants all victims, especially young children, to have the support they need to pay for the best medical care available. The fair treatment of injured victims isn’t always guaranteed when water park corporate lawyers begin negotiating to protect their companies and pin the blame on victims. Make sure you have an experienced attorney in your corner fighting to maximize the compensation you and your family receive.

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