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How To Get The Most Out of a Facial Injury Claim After a California Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists in California so easily suffer serious injuries when they are knocked from their bikes by careless California drivers.

Victims might endure broken arms and legs, and head injuries. Cyclists might not realize that their faces are also at extreme risk. The nose, the bones around the eye, and the lower jaw are all vulnerable. Riders could also suffer deep abrasions that permanently change their appearance.

These and other California bike accident facial injuries make it especially important that cycling accident victims are provided full support to pay for the best medical care available. What’s more, riders should never have to pay for their care over injuries suffered due to a driver’s mistake.

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Earning the maximum in compensation from your bicycle accident facial injuries claim starts with being informed about your rights as a victim and every benefit available. Your injuries may continue to affect your life far beyond one night in the emergency room. Don’t let an at-fault driver’s insurance provider escape responsibility for paying for a full recovery.

Schedule a no-risk, free consultation with a real California traumatic injury lawyer to learn what your facial injuries should be worth. Contact Maison Law of California for this confidential case evaluation that comes with no obligation for you or your family. It’s the easiest way to find out how to get the most out of your bicycle accident facial injury claim.

California Bicycle Accident Facial Injury Dangers

California cyclists often suffer the most damage to their faces after their instincts have failed. When sent from their bikes, they’ll often impulsively flail their arms out to try to slow their fall or tumble. The arms and hands may break or simply miss the ground, leaving the face and the facial bones as the prime target in a collision with pavement or the ground.

“Road rash” or the contact between skin and road surface may remove skin from the face and result in permanent scarring. A smile may be permanently affected by damage to the teeth. The delicate facial bones could suffer damage.

The Cleveland Clinic lists some of the most common fractures suffered in facial impacts:

  • Broken Nose – The two thin bones making up the nose can fracture. This is the most common place for a facial bone break.
  • Frontal Bone or Forehead – An impact absorbed on the forehead can cause a break in the middle of the forehead where it’s weakest and in the floor of the sinuses. Eye injuries can also be associated with a front bone break.
  • Broken Cheekbone – The cheekbones may fracture along with their attachment points to the upper jaw and skull.
  • Orbital Fractures – The eye socket could suffer major damage. Injuries to the upper and lower eye socket. The optic nerve suffers damage as well as different eye muscles.
  • Mid-Face Bone Breaks – This type of injury fractures other parts of the face such as the bridge of the nose, the bones under the eye, and parts of the upper jaw.
  • The Lower Jaw – The part of your jaw that moves when you talk or eat. A section of the lower jaw supports the teeth and damage here can remove teeth. Other sections connect to the neck may suffer fractures.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident Involving Facial Injuries

There are actions you can take in the moments after your bicycle accident to ensure that you have the evidence you need to hold an insurance company fully accountable. If you are feeling well enough, you should begin collecting proof of a driver’s mistake once you are safe and the scene is secure.

Try to gather these details for your upcoming California bicycle accident facial injury claim:

  • Contact 911 even if you think your injury is minor. You may not be able to tell how badly your face has been damaged due to the shock and adrenaline you may be feeling right after a bike crash. Allow paramedics to check you out. Give police officers a detailed description of what happened. They’ll be writing up an important collision report.
  • Use your phone’s camera. Take pictures of your bike damage, street signs, and lane markings. Show the damage you and your bike did to the car such as broken mirrors, cracked windshields, and dented hoods. Get pictures of your injuries and damage to your clothing. If you are wearing a helmet, get a picture.
  • Check for security cameras at businesses or homes nearby. Your California Bicycle Accident Lawyer will request video footage to see if your accident was captured digitally.
  • Ask for contact information from witnesses.
  • Don’t say you are alright or that you were at fault. You may be wrong on both counts, but these statements can be used against you later.
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor. Follow the doctor’s orders. Go to physical therapy and see specialists if that’s the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Keep any damaged personal items, including your bicycle and bloody clothing.

Compensation Available After a California Bicycle Crash

This evidence and your California traumatic injury attorney’s investigation of your case will be critical in getting the most out of your bicycle facial injury claim. This is vital to your future wellbeing because you won’t know how much an injury will affect your life and your finances in the years to come.

Additional physical therapy and plastic surgery could be necessary in the years ahead to give you the best chance at restoring your normal life.

These are just a few of the factors that will determine how much you earn from a bicycle accident settlement check:

  • Totals on medical bills.
  • Estimates on the lifelong physical and emotional costs of permanent disfigurement. The cost of potentially multiple surgeries to restore the appearance of the victim’s face.
  • Estimates on lifelong costs of a permanent disability suffered in a bicycle accident.
  • Support for the pain endured during recovery.
  • Support for the emotional trauma lived through. The anguish of not being able to get back on a bike.
  • Past and future lost income while having to miss work hours.
  • Repairs to Bicycle or Replacement.
  • Wrongful death benefits. The support a family should receive after having a loved one taken in a California bicycle accident. This can include money for a funeral and to pay leftover medical bills. A wrongful death claim also asks for help replacing the income the deceased can no longer provide in the coming years.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Facial Injuries Lawyer

Bicycle collision victims and their families have up to two years to file an accident claim. However, it’s critical to bring your case to a California Bicycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible if you have a traumatic injury such as facial injuries. The longer you wait the more difficult it gets to track down evidence and locate witnesses.

Contact Maison Law for a free, no-obligation consultation. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your bicycle accident injury is worth and what you should be holding an insurance company to. Don’t depend on an insurance adjuster to tell you about your rights and every benefit available to you and your family.

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