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Broken Arms in Bicycle Accidents in California

Taking a broken arm in an accident is a tough outcome for any victim in California. But for cyclists sent into crashes by careless drivers, broken arms can be even more traumatic and take longer to recover from.

An arm fracture can leave California bicyclists off their bikes for weeks or months. This devastating injury could also force victims to seek help from insurance companies simply to stay afloat financially as they heal.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Broken Arm Attorney for a Free Consultation

When an at-fault driver’s carelessness is responsible for your broken arm, you’ll have one chance to secure the compensation you’ll need now and possibly in the future. You are encouraged to file a bicycle accident claim against the insurance company representing that motorist or property owner. However, they won’t willingly pay out the compensation you’ll need in recovery.

A California Traumatic Injury Lawyer protects you during settlement negotiations to make sure you and your family receive everything required to heal and bounce back financially. Contact Maison Law to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and find out what your broken arm is worth and how to maximize your bicycle accident arm injury claim.

Broken Arm Dangers in California Bicycle Collisions

The bad news is that bicyclists’ arms are extremely vulnerable in collisions. They can take damage just like any body part in a California cycling accident, but the arms are often put in extra danger due to the instincts of most riders.

Most riders will have a strong urge to throw their arms out as they fall in order to protect their head and catch themselves. This may be beneficial, but the arms will often take the most impact force and that force can easily fracture hands, wrists, and arms.  Open fractures push the bone through the skin. Close fractures don’t puncture the skin. A comminuted fracture leaves the bone broken into pieces and may require expensive surgery.

The arm is made up of three large bones. These are a few of the ways your arm can break:

  • Humerus Fractures – This is a strong bone and it’s hard to break, but getting struck by a car can generate the force needed. Landing on your elbow or shoulder often leads to a broken humerus. It most commonly breaks where it connects to the shoulder.
  • Radius Break – This is the thicker forearm bone reaching from the elbow to the thumb side of the wrist.
  • Ulna Fracture – The longer, thinner forearm bone that extends from the elbow down to the pinky finger side of the wrist.
  • Wrist Fracture – The ulna and the radius most commonly break where they meet the 8 smaller bones that form the wrist.
  • Elbow Fracture – The pointy part of your elbow is part of the ulna. It is vulnerable because it’s not covered by muscle. The bone that connects the elbow to the upper arm bone or humerus is also a trouble spot. When cyclists land on their elbows, this bone can be shoved into the humerus, creating a fracture.

An at-fault driver’s insurance company should always be liable for the costs of recovery for bicycle accident victims, but there’s no guarantee they’ll agree to help. It’s often up to a skilled California Bicycle Accident Lawyer to collect strong evidence and force an insurance provider to supply fair compensation.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect After a California Bicycle Accident Broken Arm?

A permanent disability is a possibility with any fracture. An arm can permanently lose sensation. Chronic pain is also possible. A broken arm could also be lost in an accident or have to be removed in surgery.

Help adapting to life with only partial use of an arm or the loss of an arm through amputation requires lifelong financial support from an at-fault driver’s insurance company. Upgrades to a victim’s home and workplace are often necessary to allow for as much freedom as possible. Expensive career training or college courses are also necessary if an arm injury doesn’t allow a victim to return to work.

Fortunately, most broken arms heal within a month or so, but a return to full strength may take longer. This will mean that riders have to stay off their bikes for weeks, months, or more.

This is a list of some other factors that may increase the amount accident victims receive in a California bicycle accident settlement check:

  • Totals on current medical bills and estimates on future medical bills.
  • Any permanent disfigurement.
  • Compensation for physical pain.
  • Compensation and mental health care for emotional trauma.
  • Travel costs for doctor’s appointments and trips to see specialists.
  • Reimbursement for time lost at work.
  • A new bicycle.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After suffering a broken arm after a bicycle accident, contact a dedicated and highly regarded California personal injury lawyer at Maison Law as soon as possible. We are advocates for cycling safety and want to see injured riders return to their bikes as soon as possible.

You can obtain a consultation and case assessment at no cost or obligation. It’s an opportunity to find out what your arm injury is worth and how much insurance companies should be expected to pay.

If we enter into a retainer agreement with you, no legal fees are due unless we obtain a settlement or award for you. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation available for your hand injury.

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