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Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Modesto are lucky to be able to hit the road for a quick trip to the mountains any time they like. They can run up Highway 108 to take in the views of Stanislaus County National Forest or jump on Yosemite Boulevard for a challenging ride. They can also pull out of their driveways to head for work or to grab some food. Sadly, no trip comes without the dangers that careless drivers provide. Drivers can take their eyes off the road and miss a rider beside them or coming directly at them. They can proceed with maneuvers that put motorcyclists into a devastating crash. And then, when Modesto motorcycle accident victims ask for help from insurance companies, adjusters can attempt to leave riders with no support at all.

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Motorcycle collision victims can’t afford to allow a driver’s auto insurance company to decide what level of support they should earn. Riders may be suffering from traumatic injuries, building up medical costs, and losing valuable paychecks as they miss shifts at work. A case review with a real Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is a great way to learn what your injury is worth and how to demand what’s fair from an insurance adjuster. Schedule a free consultation with Maison Law of Modesto to get a sense of what kind of financial support you’ll really require to fully recover.

Motorcycle Accident Dangers in Modesto

Motorcyclists know all too well the most dangerous mistakes careless drivers can make around a motorcycle. Distracted drivers can skip a blind spot check when merging or making a lane change and run the rider beside them off the road. Drivers can also miss a redlight ahead and fail to stop in time to avoid rear-ending a defenseless rider. Drivers also commonly get jumpy when making left-turns and will gun it to dart in front of oncoming traffic, only to miss the oncoming motorcyclist who has no chance to steer clear of a collision. California transportation experts collect statistics on Modesto motorcycle accidents each year. In 2021, officials recorded 80 motorcycle accidents involving injury on Modesto roads. Those often-devastating crashes claimed a tragic six lives. On the stretch of Yosemite Boulevard/Highway 132 through Stanislaus County alone there were 11 motorcycle accidents involving injury for the year, and sadly, at least one death was recorded. These figures emphasize the dangers motorcyclists face in and around Modesto. The serious injuries that can result make it critical that victims speak with a qualified Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney makes sure insurance companies aren’t allowed to blame motorcyclists for accidents they didn’t cause. An attorney seeks to get the most out of any motorcycle accident settlement, so riders have the support they need to heal and get back on their bikes.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Modesto

Maximizing your motorcycle claim is important for victims because motorcycle crash injuries can require months of physical therapy. Your injury may even be inflamed by your first time back on a bike and require additional surgery. To get the most out of your motorcycle collision injury claim, you must provide as much hard evidence to an insurance company as possible. This prevents them from trying to change the story and place the blame on you. Your Modesto motorcycle accident lawyer will fully investigate what happened to you, but that lawyer won’t be able to be on the scene with you right after a collision. This is where vital evidence to your case can be found. If you feel strong enough after an accident, you should attempt to capture some solid proof of what happened. These and other details will help you earn more in a motorcycle accident settlement:
  • Document the scene with photos. Capture the damage to your motorcycle and the damage your motorcycle did to the other vehicles involved. Take pictures of any visible injuries. Show yourself with a helmet if you were wearing one. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to take some photos for you.
  • Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Exchange information with everyone involved if the Modesto police or the CHP doesn’t provide this information to you. Be careful what you say around the at-fault driver. You may say “I’m fine” and “my bad.” Insurance companies can twist these statements to try to prove that you weren’t hurt at all and that you were at fault.
  • Get checked out by your own physician. Follow recommendations the doctor makes including going to physical therapy and visiting specialists.
  • Hang on to your damaged motorcycle. It is evidence. Keep any damaged pants, shirts, jackets, and your helmet.

What Kinds of Things Can I Earn Compensation for After a Modesto Motorcycle Accident?

Your Modesto motorcycle accident attorney will be using this evidence to negotiate the best settlement possible from a car insurance company. One key to this negotiation will be to make sure every hardship you’ve been through since the crash is listed and well-documented in a motorcycle accident claim. Your attorney will include some obvious damages you’ve suffered along with some factors you may not have realized could earn you additional compensation:
  • Totals on all medical expenses. The immediate costs and the costs expected in the future. When a permanent physical disability is involved, estimates on long-term care and support are submitted and expected to be provided.
  • Support for physical pain endured by motorcycle accident victims.
  • Support for emotional trauma endured. This includes bouts of anxiety and depression after an accident.
  • Compensation for a loss of enjoyment of life, perhaps stemming from being unable to ride a motorcycle for an extended period.
  • Support for a loss of consortium (the loss of intimacy with a spouse).
  • Past and future lost earnings and work benefits.
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement.
  • Travel costs getting to and from doctor’s visits and surgery consultations. The bills can add up when a victim is unable to get around and can’t drive.
  • Wrongful death benefits. Families who have lost loved ones in a fatal Modesto motorcycle accident can file wrongful death claims to secure support for burial expenses and lingering medical bills. They’ll also seek help with making up the income the victim can no longer provide for close relatives in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions After Motorcycle Accidents

How long do I have to file my motorcycle accident injury claim?

Two years. Motorcycle accident victims can wait two years to file a claim for damages. Acting quickly is beneficial to the case though. Evidence will still be fresh and security footage and witness testimony will be easier to secure.

What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet in my Modesto motorcycle accident?

You could still secure injury compensation even if you weren’t wearing a helmet in a motorcycle accident. California requires all riders to wear helmets. You could bear some blame for your injury if you aren’t wearing one in a crash, but the driver would likely bear much more liability and would still have to provide you with a percentage of compensation.

Should I talk to the driver’s insurance adjuster after a motorcycle accident?

No. Insurance companies will call you after a Modesto motorcycle accident asking for a recorded statement. Refuse. Your statements could be used against you. Offer basic information and refer them to your lawyer.

Contact a Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After a serious traffic accident while traveling by motorcycle in Modesto, make sure you know about every benefit available to you and your family.  Insurance companies will not inform you of your rights before offering you an insufficient injury settlement check. Take advantage of a free case consultation from Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law. It’s a no-risk way to find out how to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with insurance companies after a Modesto motorcycle accident. If you feel we can help you secure more for your injury claim, you won’t need any money now. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.
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