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Central Valley Construction Accidents

The Central Valley is a sprawling region that is home to some of the most fertile farmlands in the nation. The valley is dotted with farms, wineries, towns, cities and communities that are all part of a $50 billion a year agriculture industry in the state.

With all this industry comes construction, and lots of it. Unfortunately, with construction comes accidents and injuries, however, for those who have been injured, they have a resource in Maison Law that can help them get fair and just compensation for their injuries

Types of Construction Sites Around Central Valley

There are many types of construction sites in and around the Central Valley. Some of the more common sites are:

  • Road and highway new construction sites
  • Road/traffic maintenance
  • Building maintenance/repair
  • Building remodel
  • New building construction
  • Park construction
  • School Construction/remodel
  • New businesses
  • City services (water/sewer/power
  • Bike lane/road infrastructure remodel

Premises Liability

When someone gets injured on another’s property—whether it’s owned by the government or a private person—the owner of the property might be held liable for those injuries. This is called premises liability, and it means that if the owner was negligent, then he or she will be held responsible for those injuries.

The owner of the construction area owes a duty to those legally on the site to keep the area reasonably safe from dangerous hazards. If someone is injured due to a dangerous hazard, the  owner is liable if:

  1. They negligently created the hazard and did nothing to fix it, or
  2. They knew of a hazard and didn’t make reasonable efforts to fix it.

Defenses to Premise Liability

If the owner didn’t know of the hazard even though they were taking reasonable steps to look for hazards, or, if the owner knew of the hazard and was taking reasonable measures to fix it, then the law might not hold the owner liable

If you get injured at a construction site, you need to talk to an attorney who is experienced in holding companies liable for the dangerous conditions on their property.


The law also allows the injured to be compensated for their injuries and some of their financial losses associated with the injury. Some of the most common of these are:

  • Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Rehab Treatment
  • Lost Wages due to Injury
  • Future Lost Time from Work
  • Permanent Disability and or Disfigurement
  • Mental Anguish
  • Loss of Consortium (Intimacy, affection etc.)

These are just a few, and at Maison Law, we leave no stone unturned looking for types of damages that are unique to each accident.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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