The Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force

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Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force

Currently, the way speed limits are decided and set is based on something called the 85th percentile methodology. It’s the speed at or below which 85 percent of all vehicles travel under free-flowing conditions. It’s measured by vehicles driving past a monitored checkpoint. Taken into consideration are vehicles that travel slightly slower or slightly faster. […]

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Passing and Overtaking Waste Vehicles

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Waste Vehicles

It’s happened to all of us. We’re driving down the road when we close the distance to and end up behind waste vehicles. Garbage trucks are massive. There are people hopping off and on. Trash is falling through the air. The truck itself has jerky movements and unpredictable direction changes. It’s a hazard waiting to […]

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School Bus Passenger Restraints: What Took So Long?

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School Bus Passenger Restraints

When school buses were designed, they were created with safety in mind. Their size and weight, combined with high-backed seats, were tested and found to be safe without restraints from a rear or front crash. Nothing was said about side-impact wrecks. When hit from the side, children without school bus passenger restraints fly sideways out […]

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CA A 1755: 2018 Bicycle Operation

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Bicycle Operation

In 2018, California legislation submitted Assembly Bill No 1755. It makes all the rights and responsibilities of a vehicle on the road also apply to a bike on a path. Essentially, it makes an accident on bike paths and other Class I bikeways subject to the Vehicle Code. This piece of legislation regarding bicycle operation […]

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Youth in Agriculture: Preventing Injuries

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Youth in Agriculture

It might not be a topic everyone is talking about, but that doesn’t make the injuries less of a problem. In fact, youth in agriculture, whether they are living, working or visiting an agricultural environment – mainly farms – is such a big issue the National Committee for Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention (NCCAIP) was formed […]

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What Seniors Need to Know About Their Driver’s License Renewal

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Driver's License Renewal

Inevitability, the time comes for your driver’s license renewal. If it’s your turn, you might want to get some information on the process. Even seniors have the chance to renew by mail or online if certain criteria are met. Driver’s License Renewal Excluding commercial licenses and some other restrictions, you can generally renew under these […]

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Common Tractor Accidents

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tractor accidents

They’re a crucial piece of equipment on every farm, but is a tractor really safe? The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports tractor accidents are the number one cause of deaths and severe injuries on farms, with the majority of incidents falling into a few common categories. Overturns: The Leading Tractor Accidents According to the National […]

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Handling Claims of Sexual Harassment from a Teacher

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Sexual Harassment

Claims of sexual harassment are stressful for anyone in a managerial capacity to handle, but they can be particularly tough for school administrators working to do their best by teachers and students while complying with Title IX on top of state, local and federal laws surrounding this delicate subject. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace When […]

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Questions to Bring to an PI Attorney

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PI Attorney

Looking for a great PI attorney means you’re already in the uncomfortable predicament of needing legal counsel to navigate the process of seeking compensation for a life-changing injury. You need to be sure you’re working with someone capable of pursuing your case in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This is why it’s important […]

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Finding the Right Doctor to Treat a Back Injury

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Back Injury

Workplace incidents, car accidents, slips and falls – they can all lead to back injury, which often requires treatment to manage. Finding a doctor who specializes in these kinds of injuries can make a substantial improvement to your quality of life, but it’s not always easy. When back pain is the result of an accident […]

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