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Bakersfield Bicycle Accidents Caused by Hit-And-Run Drivers

Maison Law of Bakersfield protects the victims of hit-and-run accidents and makes sure they receive the support they need to recover. Bicycle accident injury compensation is available even when a hit-and-run driver escapes and is never located and arrested.

You can discuss your options to secure support in a free case consultation with a real Bakersfield bicycle accident lawyer. These information sessions by phone, online, or in person are confidential and they come with no obligation. Contact us today to set up a free case review to find out how to earn more for your bicycle accident claim.

Bakersfield Bicycle Hit-And-Run Collision Dangers

Cyclists on busy roads like Truxtun Avenue or Columbus Street can sometimes stick to bike lanes for added protection from motorists. But on other stretches, they’ll have to share the roads with distracted and speeding drivers in cars, SUVs, and large trucks.

They can stay to the right of the lane as best as possible, but that doesn’t ensure a safe trip. Bakersfield motorists can ignore the rider’s right to the lanes and make a reckless move that sends a cyclist to the ground.

Unfortunately, instead of immediately calling for an ambulance, drivers can make the heartless decision to speed away from the scene to avoid the consequences. Bicyclists can be left in the path of other drivers. They may wait precious extra minutes for ambulance care to arrive if the responsible driver doesn’t call 911. Bicyclists and their families might also be left to pay for every hospital and physical therapy bill when no driver steps forward to accept the blame.

A skilled Bakersfield bicycle accident lawyer steps in to defend vulnerable cyclists and makes sure they have the support they need to heal and get back on their bikes again. Compensation is available even when a hit-and-run driver is never seen again.

How Can I Get Compensation After a Bicycle Accident Involving a Hit-And-Run Driver?

After a bicycle accident, the search will begin for the hit-and-run suspect. When suspects are caught, they will face a criminal hearing. But bicycle collision victims don’t have to wait on the outcome of a criminal trial to file an injury claim.

Your civil bicycle accident claim can be submitted as soon as you and your personal injury lawyer feel it’s ready. Hopefully, filing as soon as possible will secure support for you and your family faster. The criminal charges of a hit-and-run will be settled separately.

Can I Get Bicycle Accident Compensation If a Hit-And-Run Driver Isn’t Located?

If a hit-and-run suspect flees and is never brought to justice, most victims still have a way to secure support through recovery. If injured bicyclists have auto insurance or are covered by a family member’s insurance policy, they should file an uninsured motorist claim.

This claim is filed with the victim’s own insurance provider. It would utilize the Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage that comes with most car insurance policies. It’s not mandatory to have it in California, but in most cases, policyholders have to take significant steps to have UM coverage removed from a policy.

This claim would help bicycle accident victims get support for medical bills and help to replace lost income while a victim was out of work. Your Bakersfield bicycle accident attorney would seek additional compensation for the physical pain you endured. The emotional trauma suffered while you worked through a difficult recovery should also contribute to a bicycle accident settlement check.

What to Do After a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Involving a Hit-And-Run Driver?

Evidence will be key in helping find a hit-and-run driver and when battling a car insurance company to get what’s fair for your damages.

If you are left strong enough after enduring a hit-and-run bicycle accident, try to gather some evidence that may disappear once the scene is cleared:

  • Call 911 and request an ambulance even if you think your injury is minor. You may only realize you have a broken bone or head trauma the next day. Let paramedics check everything out.
  • Make a note of the description of the hit-and-run driver and the vehicle involved. Jot down details before you forget them. Try to recall which direction the driver fled.
  • Tell Bakersfield police or the California Highway Patrol everything you remember of the moments leading up to the accident.
  • Get photos with your cell phone. Document the scene, your bike damage, street signs, and lane markings. Get pictures of any injuries that are visible and any damage to clothing. If you are wearing a helmet, make sure to show that.
  • Check for security cameras mounted on nearby businesses or houses. Get the addresses to turn over to your Bakersfield bicycle accident hit-and-run lawyer.
  • Get witness contact information and find out what they observed.
  • Alert your car insurance provider to the accident.
  • Schedule a medical check-up with your personal doctor, even if you already went to the emergency room. Keep all bills for your care.
  • Keep any damaged personal items, including your bicycle. Hold on to all evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wait to file a hit-and-run bicycle accident injury Claim?

In California, you have two years to file an injury claim over a bicycle accident. You shouldn’t wait years to act. Let your lawyer investigate as soon as possible so evidence isn’t lost.

What if I can’t afford to pay a Bakersfield bicycle accident lawyer?

You can still get quality legal representation. You don’t pay Maison Law anything unless we win your case for you. Then our attorney fee comes out of the bicycle accident settlement check you receive.

Can my family get support if a hit-and-run driver kills a loved one in a bicycle accident?

Yes. After a tragedy, you should file a wrongful death claim against the car insurance company involved. You would seek help with funeral costs, medical bills, and in replacing the income the deceased can no longer provide the family.

Contact a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a bicycle accident caused by a hit-and-run driver, don’t panic. Maison Law can help you earn the support you need to rebuild your life, regardless of if a suspect is located or not. We are advocates for safe rides for all Bakersfield cyclists. We fiercely protect bicycle accident victims so they can focus on healing and not on the skyrocketing cost of medical care.

Speak with a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer to find out what your injury is worth and how to hold an insurance company and others fully accountable. Schedule a free case consultation with Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law today.

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