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Pedestrian Accident Leads to Fatality at Jensen Avenue and MLK Boulevard in Fresno

Fresno is one of the largest cities in California, with many places to travel and sights to witness. With so many places for pedestrians to walk within the city, you will see one at almost every corner. When a pedestrian has to enter traffic with motor vehicles, there are always risks involved. In the blink of an eye, a pedestrian or family’s lives could be turned upside-down due to a negligent driver.

It can be devastating and traumatic to suddenly lose a loved one in a Fresno pedestrian accident. Because pedestrians have few protections, they are more likely to become seriously injured or even killed in an accident. If you and your family have unexpectedly lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you may have options moving forward.

Fatal Pedestrian Accident at Fresno Intersection Tragically Takes One Life

On Thursday morning, a fatal pedestrian accident occurred at an intersection in Fresno. The accident, according to information provided by ABC30, took place around 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of Jensen Avenue and MLK Boulevard on March 14, 2024.

Fresno Police responded to the scene of the collision and discovered that a pedestrian was struck by a driver in a Toyota Camry who was headed west on Jensen. The driver immediately stopped at the scene to cooperate with police.

Paramedics and numerous other local responders were immediately dispatched to the scene. The pedestrian, who has not been formally identified, was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. It is believed that no other parties were hurt in the accident.

Jensen Avenue was closed for several hours while police took a closer look at the scene.

No further details have been released but Fresno Police Department officials continue their investigation at this time.

Options After a Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Fresno

It is not always easy to get back on your feet after you have lost somebody close to you in a pedestrian accident. Though no amount of money can bring back somebody you love due to an accident, it can help you and your family move forward financially when you need it the most. With the help of a wrongful death attorney, you may be able to bring a claim for some of the following damages:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical bills your loved one incurred
  • Lost wages in a household
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages in some cases

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