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Maison Law Provides Free Newspapers to Kern County Schools

Maison Law, a strong proponent of literacy and education in California communities, is currently sponsoring The Bakersfield Californian’s “Californian in Education” initiative. This impactful program aims to distribute free newspapers to classrooms throughout Kern County.

Educators can use these newspapers to teach various subjects and age groups. Schools participating in this completely free program will receive a physical copy or e-edition license of The Bakersfield Californian for an entire school year. This not only provides teachers with valuable resources but also offers students the opportunity to learn from a current, real-world source. The program also includes creative lesson plan suggestions.

All K-12 schools, public and private schools are eligible to participate. Adult education classes are also able to enroll in this program.

To enroll, call Monica Lyons at (661-392-5777 / 661-395-7500) with an accurate headcount of your classroom(s).


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