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Viral TikTok Video of Jamaican Man Getting Finger Bit Off by Lion

A shocking and gruesome viral TikTok video from Jamaica is making the rounds. It shows a Jamaican Zoo Worker teasing and poking a real lion through a cage, only to have the lion bite down on the end of his finger. The lion doesn’t seem interested in letting go either.

A tug-of-war follows as the lion holds onto the man’s finger for at least 15 seconds. All the while the poor man is pulling and hoping the lion will let go.

Witnesses Watch as Worker at Jamaica Zoo Loses Finger to Lion

According to a witness, the man finally got away, but not before losing the top segment of his finger. Visitors to the zoo there that day say a tour had just ended and the employee was apparently trying to impress and entertain the crowd. He petted and prodded the open-mouthed lion through the fence several times before getting caught in its jaws.

The small crowd watching (and recording) were visiting Jamaica Zoo in St. Elizabeth. Someone on the scene reported that the man walked away holding his finger and then got into a vehicle and left. The zoo has been contacted for comment, but officials there say they didn’t know about the accident.

Warning for graphic content and language in the video below:


@elevaded_vision Lion shreds man’s finger off! #lion #idiot
original sound – Elevaded_Vision


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