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Bicycle Accidents on Alta Avenue in Fresno County CA

Bicyclists across Fresno County must share the road with vehicles much larger and heavier than they are. A careless driver can forget about the extreme vulnerability of a cyclist and place them in harm’s way with a mistake on the road.

The injuries stemming from these errors can be severe, and the outcomes are only made worse when drivers speed away from a bicycle accident scene without calling for help. The victim may suffer life-threatening injuries and have help delayed by a thoughtless driver at-fault.

Bicyclist Tragically Killed in Fresno County Monday Night

A man lost his life after a hit-and-run bicycle accident involving a truck on Monday evening in Fresno County. KSEE-TV reports the accident occurred at the intersection of Alta and Manning Avenues, east of Reedley on January 3, 2022.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol say a call came in around 7 p.m. when someone spotted the victim lying beside his bike in the road. Officers say they performed CPR on the 69-year-old man, but he was later pronounced dead.

Investigators determined the man was cycling on the right shoulder of the road and out of the way of traffic. For an unknown reason, they believe a truck’s driver swerved onto the shoulder and hit the back tire of the bike. The cyclist was thrown to the ground in the collision.

The driver responsible left the scene without contacting emergency officials. The Highway Patrol asks that anyone with information on the driver or the truck involved to call them.

Finding Support for Families After a Fresno County Bicycle Accident

The loss of a loved one in a bicycle accident will leave family members to grieve and, unfortunately, leave them to deal with a number of financial hardships. The expenses coming out of a funeral and burial and the loss of the victim’s financial support will devastate most families at such a difficult time.

At-fault drivers and their car insurance companies should be fully responsible for these and other costs, but a hit-and-run driver complicates the ability to recover monetary support. However, family members can still earn support even if a hit-and-run suspect remains unidentified.

The victim may have been covered by uninsured motorist coverage that could help out the family financially in the present and in the future. If the victim did not have auto insurance, he or she may have been covered by a family member’s policy.

If there’s positive news and a hit-and-run suspect is brought to justice, a wrongful death claim can be filed as soon as possible against the driver’s auto insurance company. Families are able to file this civil claim even as a suspect faces criminal court proceedings. The two cases are separate and can be resolved separately.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Serving Fresno Families

At-fault drivers must be held accountable for the emotional and financial upheaval they cause families after a tragedy. A Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawyer fights for the rights of those left behind and makes sure families aren’t subjected to financial hardships in the years to come.

After a bicycle accident involving the loss of a loved one, contact attorney Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, to discuss your options. No matter whose insurance company you’ll be seeking help from, you’ll want an experienced personal injury lawyer making sure you and your family aren’t taken advantage of during such a difficult time.


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