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Highway 99 Trucking Accident Dangers in Tulare CA

In Tulare County, we get used to driving alongside the giant trucks that crisscross our region every day. They can be delivering goods from local manufacturers or be hauling agricultural goods from local farms and ranches.

There is almost always a big rig, a tanker, or a box truck in sight no matter where we travel. The enormous vehicles can take up more than their share of the lanes and the truck drivers may not always see everyone traveling alongside them.

These heavily loaded trucks can also take longer to stop when they get going. All of these factors and more mean a mistake by a truck driver can have devastating consequences for other motorists in the lane. Drivers and passengers can suffer major injuries and in some cases even lose their lives.

Semi-Truck Collision Claims Two Lives in Tulare

Two people were tragically killed in a crash involving a car and a semi-truck in Tulare Thursday night. KFSN-TV reports the accident occurred around 8:30 p.m. along Highway 99 near Tulare Street on September 9, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says the car and the truck collided in the northbound lanes and the car then caught fire. Two people inside the car lost their lives. The truck driver was not hurt.

California Highway Patrol investigators are still working to determine what led to the accident.

Support for Families After Truck Accidents

After a highway tragedy, the family members of victims will wonder where to go to seek justice for their lost loved ones. Can a truck driver be held liable for an accident or is the trucking company that hired the driver responsible?

In some cases, both parties may have insurance policies that would have to provide support to the family. One close relative could file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault truck driver’s commercial insurance provider on behalf of the entire family. The trucking company’s insurance company could also be called upon.

This civil claim seeks to provide assistance to the family to cover future hardships when they’ll be without the care and financial support the loved ones had always provided. A wrongful death claim also asks for help with funeral and burial costs and any emergency response fees accrued at the scene.

Contact a Tulare Truck Accident Lawyer

After a loved one had been lost in a terrible accident, protect the interests of your family by consulting with a legal professional. A truck accident can quickly leave you to face off with insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers who want to limit the blame they accept and the support they provide your family. Make sure you have a personal injury lawyer on your side to protect your family’s rights.

Contact an experienced Tulare Truck Accident Attorney such as Martin Gasparian for a free case consultation for your family. Mr. Gasparian understands the turmoil such a tragedy can cause for close relatives. He works to secure the most insurance support available while causing as little disruption to the family as possible.


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