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Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents on Sisk Road in Modesto CA

Motorcyclists across Modesto, unfortunately, have to often ride at extreme risk due to the carelessness of drivers in much larger and heavier vehicles. Drivers often claim that the smaller profile of riders is harder to see, but if they’d spend a few more seconds looking in all directions before making a move many accidents would never happen.

Modesto police have posted a reminder on Facebook asking drivers to look twice before entering traffic. They say they’ve seen an increase in motorcycle accidents caused by drivers failing to see riders. This extra attention can help motorists more easily spot motorcycles, bicycles, and people on foot.

Motorcyclist Tragically Killed After Truck Collision in Modesto

A motorcyclist was killed after a crash with a pickup truck Tuesday afternoon in northwest Modesto. ABC10-TV reported the accident occurred around 4:45 p.m. at the intersection of Sisk Road and Whitcomb Way on July 20, 2021.

Modesto Police say that the driver of a Dodge Ram turned onto Sisk Road and wound up in the path of a motorcyclist traveling north on Sisk Road. The collision claimed the life of the motorcyclist. The victim’s identity has not been released.

Modesto Police Officers continue to investigate the circumstances of the crash and ask that anyone who witnessed the crash call them.

Finding Support for Families After a Motorcycle Accident in Modesto

The families of motorcycle enthusiasts probably think about the safety of their loved ones often. Sadly, riders can proceed as safely as possible but still be forced into a devastating accident by a careless or even reckless driver.

For relatives who lose a loved one in a motorcycle collision, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be necessary to protect those left behind from the intense financial burdens that arise after accidents. Close relatives may be targeted by the expense of a memorial service and burial. Ambulance and other emergency services fees will also come due in a few short weeks.

A wrongful death civil claim is directed at the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider and asks for assistance with these bills. A lawsuit also demands support to provide for the family in the years to come as relatives must continue on without the emotional and financial support the victims would have provided.

Contact a Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Families can wonder how to seek justice for a loved one taken in a tragic accident. Sadly, insurance companies aren’t always looking to do what’s best for families left to cope with such a tragedy.

Martin Gasparian is a Modesto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who works to protect families after a traffic collision. Mr. Gasparian uses his extensive background in California personal injury law to make sure close relatives are provided with everything they need in the wake of a terrible accident. Contact Maison Law for a free case evaluation for you and your family.


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