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Pedestrian Accidents Involving Hit-And-Run Drivers In Arvin CA

The streets and roads in and around Arvin aren’t usually designed with pedestrian safety in mind. What’s more, local drivers don’t always show people on foot the care they deserve. It’s a combination of threats that makes pedestrian travel in Kern County so dangerous.

No matter the circumstances, drivers are required to show pedestrians a “duty of care” wherever they may see them. Pedestrians walk with no protection or defense in a collision and can suffer devastating injuries in what can seem like only a minor collision to the driver to blame.

Victims can also be struck and tragically lose their lives in an instant. The tragedy is then extended to the surrounding community of friends and family. The heartbreak is only magnified when drivers decides to leave the scene and avoid taking the blame for their actions.

Woman Tragically Found Dead on Road Outside of Arvin

A woman believed to have been struck by a hit-and-run driver was found dead Wednesday Night in Kern County just north of Arvin. KGET-TV reports the accident occurred around 10 p.m. along Sunset Boulevard near Campus Drive.

The California Highway Patrol says that a witness reported seeing a vehicle swerve and then saw a body on the ground. Officers arrived on the scene to find a woman’s body in the roadway.

Investigators are looking for a black, four-door sedan with front-end damage and a broken windshield. If anyone has more information about the driver or the vehicle involved they are asked to call the CHP Bakersfield Office.

Securing Assistance for Families After a Pedestrian Accident in Arvin

Hit-and-run drivers might think their only victim is the person they’ve struck and left behind, but, of course, the family of that victim is also victimized. Close relatives will suffer the emotional anguish of losing a beloved family member and have to face a future without the victim’s guidance and support.

Under such tragic circumstances, families can seek to protect themselves in the aftermath of a collision, even if the responsible driver is never identified. Close family members like a spouse, children of the victim, and sometimes parents of the victim can file an insurance claim to secure support. When a driver isn’t found, this claim would be directed at the victim’s own car insurance under his or her uninsured motorist coverage. If the victim didn’t have coverage, he or she might be covered on a family member’s policy.

If a hit-and-run suspect is eventually found the family can move forward with a wrongful death claim against an at-fault driver. This civil lawsuit would target the driver’s insurance company, even as the suspect faces charges in criminal court proceedings. A wrongful death claim can provide help to families dealing with the costs of a funeral and burial, emergency response, and estate settlement.

Contact a Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Arvin

If an accident claimed the life of your loved one, please contact an experienced Arvin wrongful death lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Families should be allowed time to mourn their tragic loss, and yet, funeral costs and other fees can soon come due putting them at risk of enormous financial hardships. Mr. Gasparian works hard to protect families and makes sure that insurance agents can’t deny them the support they need to get back on their feet.


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