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Hit-and-Run Accident, Central Valley

Car Accidents On Blanco Road In Salinas CA

Roads around Salinas can experience rush hours several times a day and four-lane routes can become especially busy and hazardous. A four-lane road can carry nearly as much traffic as an interstate, but with the added hazards of traffic lights, intersections, and other vehicles constantly entering the lanes from smaller roads.

Excessive speeds used by a reckless driver or a distracted motorist looking at a cellphone instead of the road provide instant threats to the safety of every traveler. A dangerous accident can be the result,  leaving victims facing serious injuries.

Several People Badly Hurt in Salinas Collision

Two vehicles were involved in a devastating impact in southern Salinas on Monday. KION-TV reports the accident happened around noon on Blanco Road near La Mesa Drive on June 28, 2021.

Salinas Police found that a white car and a silver Nissan Altima had collided. Both vehicles had severe front-end damage. The fire department had to use a fire extinguisher on the scene. Three people involved in the accident were rushed to Natividad Medical Center with major injuries.

An update on the conditions of the victims has not been released. Salinas Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

Seeking Help for Injured Victims in Salinas

Victims in dangerous vehicle collisions can have to struggle with a difficult injury recovery while also being forced to confront an insurance company to get even the most basic support. When placed in such a difficult situation, victims are permitted to file a claim for damages against an at-fault driver’s auto insurer.

This civil claim will officially list every hardship a victim has faced and every cost that an insurance company should be covering.

The expense of recent medical care and any care deemed necessary in the future should receive complete coverage. The lost wages a victim can lose while away from the office or job site should also earn compensation. These losses and more experienced by a victim and his or her family can all factor into the amount of compensation awarded.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Serving Salinas Victims

After an accident involving a serious injury, contact an experienced Salinas car accident lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation. Mr. Gasparian is ready to listen to you and help you determine your next step. Never trust an insurance company to tell you everything you should know when filing an accident claim.  Allow Martin Gasparian to inform you of your rights as a victim and about everything available to you in recovery.


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