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Accidents Involving Stop Sign Violations in Fresno County CA

Motorists in Fresno County must always rely on other drivers to obey traffic laws so that everyone can stay safe. This duty is especially important at intersections where the safe passage through a crossroads depends on each driver following the same set of rules.

The failure to observe a stop sign or a red light puts other drivers with the right-of-way at immediate risk of a dangerous collision. Safe drivers may proceed with full confidence that their path is clear only to find out too late that another motorist has either missed a stop sign or recklessly ignored it.

Stop Sign Violation Leads to Injuries in Crash in Fresno County

Two people suffered serious injuries after two vehicles collided west of Fresno on Tuesday morning. KSEE-TV reports the accident occurred around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Howard Avenue and Kearny Boulevard in Fresno County on June 29, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol found that one vehicle involved was traveling south on Howard Avenue when the driver failed to stop for a stop sign. That vehicle collided with another vehicle headed east on Kearney Boulevard. One of the vehicles overturned.

Two people suffered major injuries in the impact and were rushed to the hospital. CHP investigators don’t believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

Finding Help for Fresno County Intersection Accident Victims

The victims of careless drivers may feel helpless as they attempt to recover from a serious injury while holding off the avalanche of medical bills that will be arriving. California state law protects victims who have been hurt through no fault of their own.

Injured victims are allowed to file a claim for damages against the insurance provider for the at-fault driver. This civil claim ensures that insurance agents receive a list of every hardship the victim has suffered while recovering from a terrible accident. This list can include every medical cost now and all medical care doctors feel will be necessary in the future.

A claim for damages also asks for lost wages the victim has missed out on while being away from work. The emotional trauma the victim has endured is also a factor in deciding on the amount of compensation available. A devastating injury may greatly change the lifestyle of accident victims. They may require assistance in regaining the freedom they once enjoyed and could also benefit from counseling sessions paid for by the insurance company.

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