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Motorcycle Accidents On Demaree Street In Visalia CA

Drivers around Visalia need constant reminders to show extra care when pedestrians and motorcyclists may be nearby. Of course, riders and anyone on foot could be using the road at any moment so motorists must always be cautious. The smaller profile of a motorcycle and pedestrians often leads inattentive drivers to miss spotting them and putting them at risk of a crash.

In 2019 in Visalia and across Tulare County, 11 victims lost their lives in motorcycle accidents and another 90 people suffered injuries. Over the same span, 15 pedestrian lives were claimed and another 98 victims were hurt.

These heartbreaking cases are proof enough that all motorists should be paying more attention to anyone using Visalia streets.

Motorcyclist Tragically Killed in Visalia

A motorcyclist struck by two vehicles was killed Wednesday night in southeast Visalia. reported the accident happened around 8 p.m. near Demaree Street and Pryor Avenue on March 31, 2021.

Visalia Police said that the rider somehow lost control of the motorcycle and collided with a car. A witness went to provide aid to the victim in the roadway when another vehicle approached and hit both the good Samaritan and the motorcyclist. The person on the motorcycle died later at the hospital. The good Samaritan was also taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Investigators say that the drivers involved all stayed on the scene. The causes of the collisions have not been released.

Support for Victims and Families after a Visalia Accident

Families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident are permitted to seek help from drivers found to be at fault. The driver’s car insurance coverage would be called upon in a wrongful death claim to help pay for things like ambulance and hospital costs and funeral arrangements.

A wrongful death lawsuit can also stabilize a family financially after they have lost the monthly support the deceased had always provided through his or her employment.

Victims surviving a car accident can also ask for assistance with hospital bills and other recovery costs through a claim for damages. The claim could also request reimbursement for lost hours at work due to an injury. An insurance company representing the driver or drivers responsible for a collision may be required to provide compensation for extreme emotional trauma and the general loss of enjoyment of life by the victim after a crash.

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Mr. Gasparian believes that surviving victims and mourning families should be protected from financial worries and allowed time to heal physically and emotionally after a terrible accident.


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