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Dangerous Head-On Collisions in Madera County

Drivers traveling the rural routes of Madera County can only hope and trust that other motorists are paying attention to the road and are focused on safety. A motorist can become careless or proceed recklessly and suddenly be inching across yellow lines and into an opposing lane. This small error can lead to a devastating collision.

Head-On collisions make up only a small percentage of accidents every year, but they carry a much higher chance of causing severe injury and claiming lives.

California’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) found that in 2017 there were an estimated 209 fatalities documented in traffic accidents where the cause was identified. Almost 75% of those tragic deaths in California were suffered in collisions where a driver crossed into an opposing lane. That same year 1,851 accidents with reported injuries were recorded. Around half of those incidents involved a driver crossing into oncoming traffic.

Fatal Head-On Collision in Madera County

A collision between two vehicles killed one driver and sent another to the hospital in southwest Madera County Thursday evening. reports the accident happened just after 7 p.m. along Avenue 9 near the intersection of Road 38 on April 22, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says the driver of a white sedan was traveling westbound on Avenue 9 when for an unknown reason the car veered into oncoming traffic. The car then struck a pickup truck head-on.

The driver in the white sedan was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck had to be airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center.

The CHP continues to investigate the cause of the crash. It is not known if the use of alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident.

Finding Help for Victims After a Head-On Accident in Madera County

Head-on accidents can so easily result in devastating injuries and the loss of life even in collisions involving lower speeds. The injuries might mean a long and expensive recovery for victims. This healing process can be hard on those hurt and for their families who must worry over their loved one’s physical and financial wellbeing.

Hospital bills and emergency response fees can arrive in the first few weeks after a crash. These expenses come due often while a victim is still trying to recover from serious injuries like broken bones, traumatic head injuries, and spinal cord damage.

Those bills may not even be the end of it, as months of physical therapy and even surgery may be necessary in the future. This financial hardship is only made worse by the fact that injured victims will likely be missing valuable time at work and not receiving paychecks.

A victim and family members of a victim can file a claim for damages that makes an official request of a car insurance company covering an at-fault driver. This claim would ask for assistance for the victim and close family members to help cover every medical cost and provide compensation for lost wages to keep the family out of financial trouble.

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