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Motorcycle Accidents On Sylvan Avenue In Modesto CA

Drivers should show extra caution when traveling near motorcyclists, but sadly that duty of care that should be shown to unprotected riders is often ignored.

Stanislaus County emergency personnel see the tragic consequences of this negligence by careless and distracted drivers every year. The county recorded 136 accidents involving motorcycles in 2019 and 43 of those incidents occurred within the Modesto city limits. Countywide those accidents resulted in 153 people injured and caused two fatalities over the course of a year.

Deadly Motorcycle Accident in Northeast Modesto

A man tragically lost his life after his motorcycle collided with a car in Modesto on Wednesday Afternoon. The Modesto Bee reported the accident happened around 2 p.m. along Sylvan Avenue east of Oakdale Road on March 3, 2021.

Modesto Police say the motorcyclist was eastbound and a sedan was stopped at the stop sign on Wood Sorrel Drive. When the woman behind the wheel of the sedan tried to pull onto Sylvan Avenue a collision occurred.

Lifesaving efforts were performed on the motorcyclist but he died on the scene. The woman in the car was not injured. She did remain on the scene. The cause of the crash has not been released.

This accident was sadly the first of two deadly motorcycle accidents in Modesto on Wednesday. Another collision hours later on Wednesday evening claimed a motorcyclist’s life on Tully Road. A rider was also killed in a Saturday evening collision along East Briggsmore Avenue in Modesto.

Finding Help for Families after a Modesto Motorcycle Accident

Fatal accidents not only rob victims of their lives they will also leave devastated family members behind. Close family members will also be left without the emotional comfort and financial support the victim had always provided.

In these heartbreaking situations, close relatives are allowed to protect the family by filing a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy. A spouse or domestic partner, children of the deceased, and in some cases the parents of the victim can move forward with this lawsuit on behalf of the rest of the family. Anyone who relied on the victim for emotional and financial assistance can be involved.

An attorney can also file this claim on behalf of the family. An experienced lawyer can make sure an insurance provider is held responsible for every hardship the family has experienced. This can include the costs of a funeral, the hospital, and emergency services fees that come due. A wrongful death lawsuit can also see to the family’s financial stability in the future.

Contact a Modesto Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you’ve lost a beloved family member in a tragic motorcycle accident, your family shouldn’t face the hardships that follow alone.  An at-fault driver’s insurance company should be the first to step up and help victims with the expenses that arise. Sadly, insurance agents can make finding support a frustrating challenge. Let Maison Law of Modesto cut through the confusion for you and your family.

Contact an experienced Modesto Wrongful Death Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free, no-obligation consultation for your family. Mr. Gasparian founded Maison Law to make sure victims and families can’t be taken advantage of by insurance companies in the wake of a tragedy.



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